Nearly 140,000 PlayStation 5 consoles have been sold by re-sellers on StockX

Sony has sold nearly 8 million PlayStation 5 consoles already, and re-sellers account for hundreds of thousands of those sales.

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RazzerRedux866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

Interesting seeing the trade range values for current consoles on sale.

PS5 TRADE RANGE (12 MOS.) $774 - $784

Xbox Series x TRADE RANGE (12 MOS.) $642 - $680
PlayStation 4 Pro TRADE RANGE (12 MOS.) $493 - $607
Xbox Series S TRADE RANGE (12 MOS.) $351 - $355
PlayStation 4 Slim TRADE RANGE (12 MOS.) $334 - $390

Xbox One S TRADE RANGE (12 MOS.) $200 - $300

Surprised at the high demand for the PS4 Pro.

RazzerRedux866d ago

Forgot one:

PS5 DE TRADE RANGE (12 MOS.) $702 - $728

jukins866d ago

I legit sold my 1 of my ps4pro before ps5 launch for $550. Im thinking of selling my other but then the kids wpuld bug to play ps5 and thats a no go

blackblades866d ago

Maaan you cheated that person, freaking $550. Anyways I tried selling my og ps4 to gamestop but I couldnt because it was modded. I'll try somewhere else.

blackblades866d ago

Well alot of people usually wait till the end of a cycle to purchase a console. Like a buddy of mine was on ps3 til late last year and finally picked up a og ps4. I give props to him for lasting that long on ps3.

darthv72865d ago

when my PS5 arrived, I gave my son my black pro to use in place of his slim. The pro is still a viable platform and considering the lengthy amount of time before the PS5 is readily available... it makes sense for people to still want to use it.

I have thought of selling my special editions though, since i am converting my game room into a office / guest room. I wont have any place to keep all my special edition consoles. right now it's mostly 360 and XBO/S/X but i have a few special PS4/Pro units I need to rehome.

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Paleblood866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

Demand for the PS5 is insane.

Silly gameAr866d ago

It really is, but some people can't accept that fact.

Paleblood865d ago (Edited 865d ago )

I know. Some people can't accept it and will pretend is all because of the scalpers 😂.

1Victor866d ago

I read title and think Damn now I know where my PS5 go 😢

franwex866d ago

So that’s close to 2% from a site I’ve never even heard of. Then we have to add eBay, Craig’s List, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

It’s getting kinda crazy.

jukins866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

Theres not alot on amazon. And 9/10 you see it facebook its probably also listed on ebay craiglists and any other selling site multiple times.

Teflon02866d ago

stockX is a very popular reselling site for anyone who knows reselling. Don't underestimate their sale percentages

Vegamyster866d ago

StockX is bigger for products like shoes because they verify they're real before giving them to the buyer ect, they're quite large and growing.

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PlayStation is Starting to Feel the Sting from Microsoft's Bethesda Acquisition

It took a couple of years, but PlayStation is finally starting to feel the sting from Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda.

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Jin_Sakai1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

“Xbox's acquisition of Bethesda is finally having an impact on PlayStation, and it's possible something similar will happen with the company's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.“

I’m sure PlayStation fans are sweating right now without Starfield. It’s not like Spider-Man 2 isn’t right around the corner and likely a much better game.

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shinoff218317h ago(Edited 17h ago)

You can't compare the two. Rpg vs action. I would've bought starfield on ps5 , I've not much interest in Spiderman. I'm an rpg guy. I've been in the middle of games and just had an itch for an rpg , I'll drop it to start one up. I'm not saying Spiderman 2 isn't a huge release cause it is but it's not everyone's cup

Your right about xbox though starfield is the only game they've dropped this entire Gen that seems worth it. Extremely dry

Sonic188113h ago(Edited 13h ago)

After playing Starfield, I thought Horizon Forbidden West, Baldur's 3, and the updated Cyberpunk 2077 were better rpg games. Something was missing with Starfield. The game felt unfinished and mediocre.

Obscure_Observer13h ago


"You can't compare the two. Rpg vs action. I would've bought starfield on ps5 , I've not much interest in Spiderman. I'm an rpg guy."

So you should demand more from Sony in the first place! It´s not anyone´s fault if RPGs is not a priority for Playstation as it is for Xbox now!

I though most RPG fans from the Playstation crowd would be all over BG3, and yet, surprisingly, they´re (still) all over Starfield!

Back in 2021 when Bethesda was acquired, I warned you people that those games wouldn´t make it to Playstation and you people had a good laugh, you were so certain that MS needed Playstation to make all of that 7 Billion back.

And here we are.

Mr_cheese12h ago

Obscurer the absolute waffle goblin