Next Battlefield Game Promises Epic Scale, Game-Changing Destruction, Unexpected Moments, & More

Today, during Electronic Arts’ quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, chief executive officer Andrew Wilson and chief operating and financial officer Blake Jorgensen talked about the next Battlefield game.

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-Foxtrot31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

“ deeply engaged live service”

They don’t learn do they...

Jin_Sakai31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

“True next-generation game”

Also on Xbox One and PS4.

Nope, they never learn.

seanpitt2331d ago

Yeah expect sub 900p @ 30 - 50 fps on last gen consoles with every paired back… is it really worth it

Teflon0230d ago

Well if bf4 is anything to go by. They're not afraid to cut down the last gen experience. Pretty sure they'll have upgrades on next gen not available

Inverno31d ago

It's not very surprising though, is it? EA has been chasing that dream for years. So much that they've successfully ruined all their multiplayer games. BF4, TF2 are two games that could've had continued support, but since they weren't made with "live service" in mind they moved on. Out the gate Battlefront 2 was a disaster born of greed, and while I personally wouldn't forgive them, they did make the game better in the couple of years after. But despite the support it received that made it a much better game EA still pulled the plug because they couldn't get what they wanted out of it.

BF V was a marketing disaster, there was pandering, but it was the smug approach they took with fans that were criticizing them that led to it's failure. People should prepare for another disappointment, cause EA will fuck this up again. Sucks cause BF is one of the very few multiplayer games I can actually talk good about

nickanasty20630d ago

Respawn is their only saving grace at the moment. They are the only bright light in the closet unfortunately. I do still have high hopes for BF though. I know I am probably dumb for doing so, but lets see how it plays out.

Zeref31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Warzone is a live service and I'd say they're doing pretty great being the number 2 Battle Royale...

Just because some fanboys on N4G get triggered by the words live service don't mean they gotta leave possibly billions on the table.

-Foxtrot31d ago

You can spin it all you like and make us the minority but live service sucks

Zeref31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I'm not "Making" you the minority, you ARE the minority. By a vast vast amount.

Teflon0230d ago

What's bad about live services? Seriously? I'd rather those than paying for map packs that segregate the community. Live services is literally the best thing that happened for shooters. I hated when I bought the dlc maps on BF4 to have barely anyone playing the later ones or a few weeks in you only get people playing a specific map etc.

CaptainHenry91630d ago

Battlefield 6 will be held back by 8 year old consoles*

There I fixed it for ya

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PapaBop31d ago

Is unexpected moments their new marketing term for surprise mechanics?

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

From the people who couldn't complete BF5 .... promises!

PS-Gamer-198631d ago

I just hope "live services" doesn't translate to "releasing a barebones game and slowly adding content over time" again. Please let it release with enough worthwile content

Kurupt31d ago

And now it's Dice....over promising and under delivering as usual.. Good luck..

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