Seattle Sounders wear gets flashy introduction

Seattle's newest professional sports team hopes to get noticed for its bright green jerseys.

Then again, who needs flashy uniforms when you have comedian Drew Carey as minority owner and chief spokesman for your soccer team?

Carey walked the catwalk Thursday as the Seattle Sounders FC unveiled their team uniforms and fan wear.

The team will wear bright green jerseys and blue shorts at home, and blue jerseys and green shorts at away games. Both tops feature the team's main sponsor, Microsoft's Xbox 360 Live, on the front.

Carey modeled a Sounders T-shirt, scarf and rain jacket. He joked, "I like the loose jackets, because I'm fat."

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So Easy I Can Do It3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

lets just hope they don't suck and just rename the team, team xbox 360.