Gabe Newell Teases Valve Games Coming To Consoles By End of 2021

Gabe Newell is hinting that Valve could bring more of their games to consoles. He teased this in a Q&A session held at a public school.

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Nyxus633d ago

I could see Half-Life Alyx coming to PSVR2.

darthv72633d ago

That would be a welcome addition. It could be played without the VR but probably not as fun of an experience.

TakeTori632d ago

That's not gonna happen.

septemberindecember633d ago

I don't think so. At least, not at this time. Sony said "There’s still a lot of development underway for our new VR system, so it won’t be launching in 2021". If Gabe is really talking about a game coming out late in 2021...well PSVR2 wont be a thing yet.

septemberindecember633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

This site is so incredibly ridiculous. If you disagree, tell me why you disagree.

Here is the link to what Sony said:

Why do any of you think that they would make Half Life Alyx for PSVR2 and launch it in 2021 if Sony themselves are saying PSVR2 will not come out in 2021?

633d ago
septemberindecember633d ago (Edited 633d ago )


I did, that's why I said it wouldn't be coming "at this time" and "If Gabe is really talking about a game coming out late in 2021"

I'm saying if he is talking about a game coming out in 2021 then it wont be Half Life Alyx for PSVR2

galmi633d ago Show
Babadook7633d ago

I totally agree September. In fact I was going to reply the same thing. (shrug)

StoneyYoshi633d ago

"This site is so incredibly ridiculous. If you disagree, tell me why you disagree."

Does that mean you also want everyone to reply telling you why they agree?


neutralgamer1992632d ago


This is coming from someone who bought OG Xbox over PS2 and who currently owns Xbox one x. My frustration with ms is simple they are on their 4 console and yet to understand what it takes for long-term success in gaming business. They think they want to innovate with gamepass and Xcloud yet the traditional gaming console model is doing just fine if not better than before. Instead of focusing on actual data of what works(great console with a lot of great quality games) they
instead want to compete with Amazon and google

Sure sure keep believing that. Maybe you have missed the past 2+ months of constant bashing of Sony/PlayStation due to their actions/statements

Or did you miss those articles asking Sony to fire Ryan? Or the petition to fire him? Issue with your statement is it's totally inaccurate. 100% false

PlayStation gets a lot more news because it has one of the biggest brand, it sells the a lot of hardware and the most software. so bigger fan base equals to more fans on sites. That's why Xbox doesn't release sales data because unlike the 360 days now it doesn't benefit them(hypocrisy at its finest.

When up on competition constantly release sales data to make yourself look good and when getting destroyed by the competition simply release hours play because you only care about gamers)

And 2nd point and this is a damn face for Xbox brand: from the last 2+ years of Xbox 360 till 2021 Ms have been playing the wait till next year and wait for E3 card. They were simply unprepared for Xbox one and that is truly shocking since they gave up on 360 more than two years before the release Xbox one to focus on Xbox one games. Where were those games? Bunch of empty promises by Phil who for some reason has made Xbox the weakest brand yet Xbox fans love him. He has been there though the good and the bad and so far his report card is utter failures

You especially can't have no quality games when your competition is producing constant game of the year and are in game of the generation conversation and setting sale records

So next time you want to know why Sony or even Nintendo fans don't like Xbox one it's not that we don't(I own the Xbox one x) it's the fact that we are 4 generations into Xbox and now they are realizing they need studios and games? And this whole generation those studios will basically set up shop and only start delivering 2024 and beyond. Will Phil get to see the end if and when xbox turn thing around or is it more likely that we will get a new head of Xbox who will come in with different ideas and once again we play the game of wait till next year or next e3

septemberindecember632d ago


If they agree clearly I get the general gist as to why.

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RazzerRedux632d ago

Yeah, that would be you in every one of your posts.

boing1632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

I would like that.

Ausbo632d ago

That would be great. I’d buy a psvr2 just for that

DeusFever632d ago

And I would buy PSVR2 and get motion sickness for it.

Atom666632d ago

Can you, though? I still see Alyx as Valve's attempt to drive VR sales where they can benefit (PC).

It'll sell a few million copies on PS, I'm sure. But is that really that big of a deal to them?

632d ago
Atom666632d ago

Valve makes billions if people access their stores, their HMUs, etc.

Maybe they make $100m off of PSVR, while giving their competitor their biggest "exclusive".

I just don't see them doing it.

632d ago
Atom666632d ago

Except it doesn't sell their HW or store, so why sacrifice those losses?

It's one thing to access Alyx w/o Index, but you're still going through PC/Steam.

What do they gain giving away their only system seller? And why is Sony still doing VR exclusives instead of this kumbaya attitude?

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joaovictorop632d ago

This would be huge! The PSVR sold millions more units than the Valve VR. And I think the PSVR2 can be even more successfull. And Valve bring its fantastic game to Sony console would be a win win strategic, because it will bring more people to the VR world.

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-Foxtrot633d ago

I hope it's a new game or something traditional but it's probably going to be Half Life Alyx for the PSVR2...

Either that or another VR game.

SullysCigar633d ago

I'll take either or both :)

Fntastic633d ago

Get a decent PC. S&box will be great and have multiple game modes. It's running source 2 engine and should be more fun than even garry's mod and it comes out this year :)

Knightofelemia633d ago (Edited 633d ago )

L4D3 would be great and Portal 3

Fntastic633d ago

L4D3 is long overdue. They stopped making it because Source 2 couldn't handle big open worlds at the time.

L4D3 should've been with us in like 2012. The problem with the other games is that once you play them for a few months you can see that they lack a lot of variety and need tons of content to be a truly replayable game. They get very boring quickly.

BlaqMagiq1633d ago

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to L4D by the same devs. I would look forward to that.

Chevalier632d ago

Am looking forward to this. Too bad it's delayed from June to October

Relientk77633d ago

I would love to see Portal 3.

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