Microsoft tries to evade scalpers by offering Xbox Series X and S to Xbox Insider members

Microsoft is introducing a new “Console Purchase Pilot” program that will give selected Xbox Insider members the chance to register to reserve an Xbox Series X or Series S console directly from the company through their existing Xbox One consoles.

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Eonjay37d ago

Sony did this with PS Plus at launch. Thats how I got my PS5.

purple10137d ago

they did indeed, they were first,

and they should do it again. the thing is, you can actually buy a console, -here's how i got one step by step

1. get twitter app
2. sign up / follow at least 3-4 ps5stock/ ps5 restock accounts
3. go to settings on phone, set twitter to high priority, bypass all silent & do not disturb modes.
4. set twitter to allow notifications, and allow to push to lock screen
5, go to bed
6. wake up at 3 am, jump on amazon,

hey presto , - i had my ps5 at silly oclock, but I got one. beat the scalpers at their own game.

darthv7237d ago

I got my Series S through an email blast that came from game stop. It said they would have some available to preorder at a certain time. I was lucky to get one after trying for a couple of minutes (thought it didnt go through) but eventually got the email saying thank you for your order.

Same thing happened with the PS5, only at that time GS was offering bundles (where as my series s was the unit itself). So it cost me a bit more than i wanted but i got one with two games and extra controller and a $20 gift card. I just used the gift card to get Mario Odyssey for $10 the other day too. (was on sale for $30).

If people are patient and just sign up for the notifications, they too can enjoy the new systems. Don't give in to scalpers.

NotoriousWhiz37d ago

Honestly, both Sony and Microsoft should continue to do this until supply is no longer constrained. Get your consoles in the hands of people who plan on actually buying software for them.

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RosweeSon37d ago

Shame they didn’t do that in the U.K but managed to get one day1. Shopto 🙌🏻

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DJStotty37d ago

But this article is about Microsoft doing it, not Playstation, do not let it offend you, this is an xbox article section.

StoneyYoshi37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I somehow never got one of those invites even though I've had PS+ since Day 1 with no lapse in the subscription.
I think they were basing it off of activity and how often you logged into your PS4 over the year and I didn't get on very much aside from TLOU2 and GOT. Luckily though I scored one on day 1 preorders from Amazon.

Yppupdam36d ago

Me, too. I got invited to buy one directly from Sony with my PSN name.

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Orchard37d ago

Good move. It's way too hard to get these consoles. Hopefully this opens it up for more people (including myself), and less scalpers.

annoyedgamer37d ago

Lol i wouldn't pay $500 for it anyways. I'll wait till its 250.

DJStotty37d ago

You may be waiting some time, at which point the next xbox will be launched.

Ausbo37d ago

Solution: Follow wario64 on Twitter. Got my ps5 a week after launch from his Twitter notifications. Works great for Xbox too.

Tedakin37d ago

Wario64 got me a Series X. Phone notifications on.

DaveZero37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Had my series s through where it's one console per account/gamertag.

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