Why a Resident Evil Village VR mode needs to happen

Resident Evil Village does not have a VR mode and this exclusion is sorely felt. Here's why Village should get a virtual reality mode.

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Neonridr38d ago

maybe include the PC users too this time.

Nerdmaster37d ago

This is one of the things that make me angry about Capcom and RE7. At first there were rumors that the VR function was exclusive to PlayStation for one year. It was already bad, but ok, I could wait. But not releasing at all for PC? That was just a jerk move.
Especially since the most important thing to VR right now is to prove it has enough content to justify its price. Splitting the little content among different VR brands just hurts the industry and the customers.
And Capcom is doing it again with RE4 VR...

Babadook737d ago

There are plenty of exclusives on PC VR.

SullysCigar37d ago

Seems unlikely given the success Sony saw with RE7 and the rumours about RE8 VR not being announced "until Sony is ready". It's got PSVR2 launch exclusive written all over it, I'd bet.

Also RE7 exclusively was timed, so I'm guessing nobody paid Capcom to put it on PC and they weren't interested in doing so off their own back.

Neonridr37d ago

I mean RE4 is coming to Oculus headsets. I don't mind it coming to PSVR 2 as I will more than likely pick that up too. But I prefer using my Index over my PSVR due to many factors.

Jambola1237d ago

I'm glad it wasn't a focus, Resi 7 had wayyy too many awkward moments because of VR, too many moments of slowly waving stuff in your face in unskippable sequences, so i'm happy that it wasn't a major thing

giveyerheadawobble37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I'm not sure you know what you're talking about or even understand what VR is. They didn't "wave stuff in your face" like some sort of early film 3d gimmick. They did not design RE7 with VR as the prime focus. VR was an afterthought for RE7. It was bolted on, and that much is obvious by it lacking anything that only VR could achieve, outside of immersion that is, like having actual hands and interaction with the environment. It was DS4 only. In saying that, it elevated the game to something above and beyond what would be possible with the flat version, and is the ultimate way to experience the game. For them to not have RE8 in VR is a massive step backwards.

OtterX37d ago

RE8 Vrillage - PSVR2 launch exclusive. Hopefully.

Jambola1237d ago

I didn't say it was like an early 3d film nor did I say it was the prime focus
And they absolutely wave stuff in your face (jack baker shoving the food in your face in the dinner scene for example) if I'm wrong about vr being a factor then I'm wrong, but unless you have some proof of this we are both just speculating.

potedude37d ago

I found VR for Resi 7 to be terrifying!

SullysCigar37d ago

To this day, one of the best gaming experiences of my life.

Neonridr37d ago

scary yes, but only offering head tracking is like giving you half of a treat. Give me full hand tracking too.

scofios37d ago

VR is just added tot RE4 a 16 year old game so a recent game like RE8 would probably end with.VR option to .

Lionsguard37d ago

I'm holding off playing this in hopes of PSVR2 support!

BenRC0137d ago

100% gonna happen, this engine is designed with vr in mind.

Bigman4k37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I hope so too but i doubt they will add vr this time around

Neonridr37d ago

you might be waiting a while..

Lionsguard37d ago

With the amount of games I have in my backlog, I can wait until the death of the universe.

Neonridr35d ago

@Lionsguard - I hear ya. Between my PS5 (PS4 games too), Switch and PC I'm set for life with my backlog.

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VerminSC37d ago

There are certain parts that seem build for VR. Like when the one dude starts sticking metal parts too you and your face. It looks like it was made specifically for VR.

skyrimer37d ago

Well you can actually play it already using Vorpx and Quest 2 or some other PC headset :

Neonridr37d ago

vorpx, while adequate is hardly what I would use for a true VR experience. Some games do work better than others, but still. Give me native support any day.

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