May Xbox Update Includes Quick Resume Improvements, Passthrough Audio, and More

From Xbox Wire: "Team Xbox is excited to continue bringing new ways to make Xbox better, including refining the experience and delivering brand new features, based on your feedback. This month’s release includes new Quick Resume improvements, passthrough audio for media apps, and more."

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darthv7232d ago

That quick resume viewer sounds pretty neat. I have not yet experimented with QR as I am just too used to quitting my games when i am done playing. I even do the same when switching between streaming apps.

Bigman4k32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Thats on you because i used QR whenever i can

Jin_Sakai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Some nice updates! They really need to addd HDR to the dashboard. It’s so annoying when playing a game and it switching back and forth from HDR to SDR when accessing the dashboard and going back the the game.

Would also like background music like PS5. Doubt that will ever happen though.

DJStotty32d ago

To be honest with you, once i start a game, the only time i go to the dashboard is to turn the console off.

Switching of game/apps is done through the mini guide.

Highrevz32d ago

It’s a habit most people have been doing for years, it took me some time to adjust.
Quick resume can actually save your ass if you exit a game that doesn’t auto save.

You might be surprised to find you have suspended titles already when the update is out.

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Tacoboto32d ago

Quick Resume is both fantastic and fantastically disappointing.

Yakuza 0, Ninja Gaiden 2, The Medium, Call of the Sea all gave/are giving me zero issues.

Halo MCC after a day forgets how to refresh matchmaking servers. Halo 5 after a couple days fails to connect to any & all dedicated servers. Doom 3 and Falconeer acted like Quick Resume didn't do anything despite the icon showing. Skyrim FPS Boost and performance hits the shitter after a few hours once it falls into a QR state (like the game clock doesn't stop or something). On Reddit, people also have reported the same issues in Far Cry 4 FPS Boost and QR.

It's awesome not needing to quit a single player game to play some Halo, but it's so damn unreliable. It just baffles my mind that MCC still has this issue too - it was the very first post on their main feedback thread on their forums for the *January* seasonal patch!

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Lexreborn232d ago

I’ve had the same issues with Nier Automata. I had one time after a month not playing the game broke. Then after a few days in QR I tried it was fine. Let my niece play fort nite and then it had the most awkward break where the screen had white speckles then it just crashed. Had to quit the game.

Only thing I can compare QR to is rest mode and I’ve never had issues like this with rest mode. So, really hope they fix this as I leave a lot of my games on pause only to come back to them broken.

DJStotty32d ago

Common sense, you can not suspend a server based connection in any game.

Tacoboto32d ago

lol, it only needs a connection to the server when I'm in a game or searching for one. After differing lengths of time, MCC just stops searching, and 5 does successfully search, but fails connecting to the freshly created server.

And Microsoft has the switch to turn Quick Resume on or off for a game.

mattyhaxxx232d ago

I’m really digging Xbox’s OS. It’s solid and fast

TheHan32d ago

I honestly love the feature! It’s so useful for when you decide to take a quick half hour to a hour break and then boom you are right back into your game.