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Resident Evil Village is another strong entry into the survival horror mainstay, and demonstrates how capable Capcom is in its ability to innovate and improve the series for the better moving forward.

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NecrumOddBoy35d ago

I like how this Ethan trilogy bounces around horror tropes. I’m about halfway through Village (6.5 hours in so and taking my time - so whoever said this was short is a liar or a speed runner; only popped 4 or 10 hidden story trophies). It started intense and then became more fun and puzzley but kept me on my toes. I just finished another area and this part rivals RE7’s scary beginning. This was horrifying and awesome!!! I am really loving this game! I’m on the next area and I am really enjoying it. What a game; what a wild and messed up life Ethan lives...hahahah!