GSM: Sony Ericsson G705 review


"Guts to stand up to smartphones and utterly self-effacing looks is a nice little twist we guess. It's like the G705 is there saying "Misjudge me, be my guest".

Yes, with a feature set like that, looks are the last thing it needs to boost self-esteem. Actually, if that's how midrange spec sheets are shaping, we dare not imagine what better treats future top devices hold in stock for us. If nothing else, Sony Ericsson G705 deserves credit for pioneering the shift.

But that's exactly why it needs some more personality, we think. It doesn't have to stun onlookers. No need to have GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA engraved in gilded letters. The solid skill and good headstart from the main competitor - which is hardly a looker itself - are strong enough assets. We just don't want it to drown in the mass of faceless low and midrange Sony Ericsson sliders. The G705 is just better than that."

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