The Coalition Denies Connection to Star Wars Project

Recent rumors point towards The Coalition Studio developing a Star Wars game. However, they quickly shut down the idea of a new Star Wars game.

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StoneyYoshi160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Considering this dev was created specifically for Gears games, Why are people speculating that they are making a Star Wars game? Im not saying they wont ever come out with games outside of the Gears universe. It's just my thought towards this rumor.

darthv72159d ago

Im not saying they would but to your point... a dev like playground was pretty much making forza games and now they are doing something different. That is to say that anything is possible, but in this case i believe them when they say they arent working on a SW game as doesnt EA hold some sort of license or contract with that IP?

If they were to make a SW game, I certainly wouldnt mind it. in fact Id want it to be the canceled 1313 game that was initially touted. But they would need to get the rights to it first.

StoneyYoshi159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

You have a point there but the difference between Playground games and The Coalition was the fact that The Coalition was originally created to take over the Gears franchise and the fact that the name of the studio is called The Coalition has me thinking that was the original purpose behind this team (343 is another example with being created just for making Halo games). Playground games was a independent studio that started off by working with Turn 10 to create Forza Horizon and the rest is history. They weren't even officially picked up by MS until 2018.

You definitely are right that anything is possible to happen, but with all the studios MS has now for potential new IP's I personally don't see a reason why they would need to invest in a whole new IP when there's a well established one that people still love playing.

This quote is even on The Coalitions websites about us section leading me to believe that's all they will be focusing on for the foreseeable future.
"The Coalition is a growing team of talented, creative, fun-loving professionals, united in their passion for Gears of War. As a Microsoft first-party studio, we focus on pushing the limits of interactive entertainment and taking Gears to new heights."

While EA does have a license until 2023 for SW games, Ubisoft still managed to announce that they are working on a new SW game which of course wont be out until after the contract ends. Also on a separate note... IMO it doesn't even really make sense why LucasFilm Games would give the rights to a franchise for a first party studio just to have it only on PC and Xbox. From a business standpoint that isn't smart especially with it being Disney holding the reins and wanting their franchises accessible to as many people as possible.

Also 100% agree on bringing 1313 back!!!

Atom666159d ago

I think it was just fans taking a guess.

The rumor of MS and Lucas teaming up has been going for a few months. It started to get even more weight recently with others speaking up that they are hearing about a certain XGS team working on a SW game.

Then Coalition mentioned multiple projects. I never thought Coalition was the one doing it personally. I do agree that a 3rd person shooter of Mando would make sense, but I think Coalition has it's hands full.

It does look like at least some team members are helping with Halo Infinite. They're going to do Gears 6, and hopefully Tactics 2. The word is that there might be a smaller side project on the horizon that let's them give UE5 a trial run (thinking a shorter narrative game or a MP only game).

But I think it was just conjecture and speculation that led people to think they were the team doing SW.

My money is still on Inxile doing a High Republic rpg.

Relientk77159d ago

*Coalition waves their hand*

"We are not the developers you are looking for."