Developer wins against Grand Theft Auto DMCA takedown

From "A lone developer has triumphed against a DMCA takedown issued by Grand Theft Auto owner, Take-Two Interactive.

The takedown was issued to a group of fans that had reverse-engineered the source code of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and shared it online."

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MinnesotaFatts32d ago

I don't know what this sub thinks of him, but I tend to trust Ryan Morrison ( "Video Game Attorney" ) when it comes to this stuff. This is his Twitter thread talking about the Kotaku article, which was talking about this.

This is such irresponsible journalism, and headlines like this hurt people. There is no “win” here. This developer, knowing he was committing perjury (a crime), not to mention blatant infringement, countered a DMCA takedown. GitHub had to restore it. Now he can/will get sued.

“This counterclaim seems to have succeeded” as the link was restored. No, all counterclaims succeed under the DMCA. Now the rights holder has to sue you to enforce their claims. In situations like this, they often will. Talk to a lawyer before writing about the law.

No issues with Kotaku generally, but these articles are so dangerous and this needs to be taken down. I get worked up because I’ve seen countless lives ruined for devs just like this. And they all cite articles similar to here when making their decisions.