PS5 Has Been Rapidly Outpacing PS4 Sales In Japan

PS5 has been outpacing its predecessor in sales as the stock situation is slowly improving in Japan. It has sold through more than half-million units.

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ShalinieMoune33d ago

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SullysCigar34d ago

Would be nice to see home consoles regain some more popularity over there. Encouraging for the devs too.

DeadSilence34d ago

Now Sony needs to launch killer Japanese Software like Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter & some new jrpgs!

Lionsguard34d ago

God I can't wait for FF7:RE part 2 to be shown.

TheTony31633d ago

I'd sell one of my organs for a Legend of Dragoon remake.

boing134d ago

There is no stopping of this PS5 monster. Sony really knocked it out of the park this time.

Nyxus34d ago

That's good news. By the way, the article mentions the latest Famitsu charts, but I can't seem to find them. Anyone have a link?

Ryuk_200734d ago

Actually the ps5 is doing worst than the wii u in japan and is getting nuked by the switch.

Nyxus34d ago

Well it doesn't need to beat the Switch, that's never going to happen. If it's selling better than the PS4 that's good at least.

nRicosS33d ago

The title compare PS4 to PS5.
Why bring switch, why so insecure

S2Killinit33d ago

Handhelds will always sell more there, that is not news. We are comparing PS4 to PS5.

JEECE33d ago

That moment when you link to resetera and it isn't even the dumbest part of your comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.