Hitman 3 updates on Nintendo Switch comes with 60fps option

Hitman 3 receives technical and playable improvements on Nintendo Switch with the May update. A performance mode is added at 60 fps at 720p resolution. The default display mode targets 1080p resolution, at the cost of lowering the framerate down to 30fps. With this new performance option, you can now prioritize between resolution or frames per second.

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33d ago
MetroidFREAK2133d ago

I will never buy cloud editions of games... easy pass

JEECE33d ago

I wish that instead of this cloud nonsense, they would have just ported some of the old Hitman games to Switch (not Absolution of course, but maybe Silent Assassin and Blood Money).

porkChop33d ago

If it's running in the cloud, why isn't it 1080/60? Why would anyone have to downgrade to 720 just to stream in 60fps?

Neonridr33d ago

bandwith limitations perhaps?

ocelot0733d ago

I was about to say I didn't realise hitman 3 was available on switch and how impressive it's got a 60fps but then I noticed it's a cloud game.

How is cloud streaming on switch? I have never tried it.

JonDiskonected33d ago

I tried Control (there was a demo or limited time trial). It kept on lagging and crashing...never playing a cloud based game again.

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