The 5 Best Resident Evil Games

With Resident Evil Village out now, let’s have a look back at the best games in the franchise.

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CobraKai33d ago

RE2 Remake was prolly my personal favorite but I think the most important was part 4. Not only did it reinvent the franchise, which is what part 7 did too, but unlike 7, inspired other games like Uncharted or The Last of Us to adopt its over the shoulder aiming.

Vanfernal33d ago

Well RE1 pretty much invented a whole genre... In terms of impact on the industry it doesn't get much bigger than the pioneer of survival horror.

TheRealTedCruz32d ago

Resident Evil probably wouldn't even exist without its inspiration. Alone in the Dark.

KingofBandits33d ago

4 was important as an action game and laid the ground work for for all third person shooters that followed it. As a RE game though it put the series on a bad path. Sure sales of 4-6 were sky high but at the expense of loosing what the games were. Some of that looks to have been acknowledged by the RE2/3 Remakes and the mechanics in 7 but as a whole 4 was the dropping off point.

TricksterArrow33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I know RE4 perfected the formula, but most things in it were already being done in other games. Particularly, I felt that Metal Gear Solid 3 was a much better action game than RE4 and it came just before it. This is my opinion, tho.

CobraKai33d ago

@Trickster. I too prefer MGS3 but it didn’t have the aiming mechanics that RE4 introduced, even in Subsistence. Aiming was done in First Person.

mgszelda132d ago

I think of RE4 as Metallica's black album. Really good but definitely sent it down a different path

KingofBandits33d ago

REmake 1, OG RE2, REmake 2, RE Directors Cut, RE3. RE 4 does not belong in a top 5 or top 3, yup I said it. Let the down votes begin lol

Vanfernal33d ago

I've always said it. RE4 is a great game, but a bad Resident Evil game. In terms of gameplay, controls etc it really set the groundwork for all 3rd person shooter's going forward. But as part of the Resident Evil canon it was absurd lol. You have to rescue the president's daughter from an evil cult that lives in a medieval castle curated by an evil midget. It strayed really far from them rest of the series

Jericho133732d ago

On the contrary, you’re pretty much spot on with everything you said. REmake is definitely my favourite followed by OG RE2.

RE4 is incredibly overrated, the game nosedives massively after the 2nd chapter with some laughably bad moments.

cooperdnizzle32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I agree at the time I was playing RE 4 I was like heck yeah!!! And the opening 4 hours are great and than it falls off. Great game, but I prefer almost of every other main RE game. RE 2 and code V have to be my all time favorites. But RE 1 has to be the biggest influence for me to start really loving games: I can Remember being 8 years old playing it with my friends and they could only watch, they where to afraid to actually pick up the controller and play, there where 6 of us and we all teamed up and put our brains together to beat and finish the game. Great memories with RE, MGS, and any Nintendo 64 wresting game.

RE 1 and Mgs 1 are the first games though as a kid that made me go wow.... I love video games haha. Good times.

Also must say, like RE4 but it is very clear to me at least that dead space 1 and 2 did it much better with that kinda style.

RE4 just falls off the map after the first few hours. And the story is just to “stupid” for the lack of a better word to take it seriously.

whitbyfox32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Original Resi 1 followed by original Resi 2. If you were there at the time you’d know.

sourOG32d ago

Resident evil 4
Resident evil 2 remake
Resident evil village
Resident evil 5
Resident evil 7

cooperdnizzle32d ago

Hahah you just listed my least favorite almost in order except for the re 2 remake. Hahaha lol. To each there own we all have are own reason for why we like certain one over others. Just thought it was funny. Lol

sourOG32d ago

Yeah I haven’t played or wish to play the originals. I’d probably put 5 above village though and switch those. I know that game pisses people off lol. I just have good co-op memories with 5. Top 5’s are all based on personal memories.

TheRealTedCruz32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

7, and 2 Remake, are my personal favorites.

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