Gamers Are Embracing Their Inner Wildlife Photographer With New Pokemon Snap

With the recent release of New Pokemon Snap, gamers everywhere are trying their hand at photography and sharing the results online.

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zacfoldor81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

If anyone bought a Switch for mother's day and is looking for a game that is easy to play but very rewarding, this one is really solid. Especially if you liked the one on N64, it's really good. The depth and replayability really come from the after course rankings where you have to choose which photo of each pokemon to keep and see how each photo you chose scored(so you can take a better one next time). It's good stuff. If you remember the N64 version and liked it, you probably remembered well, because the game is addicting, fun, and easy to play with a low barrier to entry. This sequel is just as good as I remembered the first game was on n64. It greatly rewards patience, observation, and even relaxation like few other games I've seen. A great, (imo) beautiful, and silky smooth game at launch and I'm so glad they finally released it.