Xbox Series X|S six month report card

TSA writes: It feels like the first half year of the new generation of console has flown by, as today marks six months since the Xbox Series X|S launch on 10th November 2020. A perfect time, we think, to look back at how the console holds up after that early burst of excitement fades and how its library of games has grown and matured.

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darthv7241d ago

B+ is a decent grade. It can certainly improve over the next 6 months. Unless something really dire happens (halo delay again).

Sonic-and-Crash41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

MS was counting on releasing Halo Inf on November to counter(or overshadow ) the numerous AAA PS5 games ...this failed after the terrible demo and now has left behind ..

i dont know if they manage to compete again in this gen with Sony ...

i dont know if someone understood what it happened...but the catastrophic launch of XSX is even even bigger than Xone's with Don Matrck s comments about Always Online and "get a X360" or DRM .....the console is out 6 months now without even 1 game to drive its sales (Gamepass is obsolete without games so , dont start about the worth of GP)

Bladesfist41d ago

In normal times I might agree, although I think you overvalue exclusives, A lot of people I know just buy consoles to play call of duty or sport games but does any of this even matter when consoles are so supply constrained. How does releasing more exclusives help sell a sold out system?

Sonic-and-Crash41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@ Bladesfist tell that to MS that spent 7.5 billion on Zenimax to have exclusive games lol

Bladesfist41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@Sonic No I think you are the one who isn't reading. Driving demand for something that is already completely supply constrained cannot lead to more sales. It's impossible to sell more than you can make. What's hard to understand about that?

Edit: This was a response to Sonics original comment but now it makes no sense due to the edit.

On the Zenimax purchase, I'm not of the opinion that nobody buys a console for exclusives, it definitely does happen, I just think people overplay the importance of exclusives as if all consoles would suddenly seize to exist if games always released on multiple platforms. Games are what is important to most people, not who can't play the games that they can play.

darthv7241d ago

@sonic... wait, were there numerous AAA releases on PS5 in November?

chiefJohn11741d ago

XSX had a catastrophic launch? Lmao this is news to me. What happened?

CorndogBurglar41d ago

The XSX launch is no where near as bad as the XBONE launch. How can you even begin to claim that? The XBONE reveal was so bad that a ton of existing Xbox fans jumped ship to Sony. That isn't happening here. Does a lack of big name launch exclusives hurt? Sure, it always will. But that isn't going to drive Xbox fans away from their favorite console, especially knowing that Halo is on the way.

In a normal world environment those fans may have decided to wait a little longer to buy an XSX, but with the shortage of consoles all over the world, people aren't really given that choice because most people can't get one even if they wanted to.

That is in no way WORSE than the catastropic XBONE launch, which pushed away longtime Xbox fans to their competitor. Its two completely different situations with much different results.

And honestly, I'm not sure why you seem to think the XSX had a catastrophic launch to begin with lol. I haven't owned an Xbox since the 360, so I'm not a die hard Xbox guy, bit even I can see thats a silly thing to say.

Zeref41d ago

This site keeps coming up with these gems of takes 😂

outsider162441d ago

What are you talking about?
Exclusives are the reason for the companies to sell their console. Why do you think Ms bought Zenimax in the first place.

Bladesfist41d ago

"Exclusives are the reason for the companies to sell their console. Why do you think Ms bought Zenimax in the first place."

I've read this back a few times and still have no clue what point you are trying to make. Companies buy other companies in order to make more money, excluding customers generally means you will make less money on that game. Exclusives very rarely outsell multiplatform games.

Nineball211240d ago

"Gamepass is obsolete without games so , dont start about the worth of GP"

This makes no sense.

Bladesfist40d ago

@wintersun At the very least look at my comment history, if you have to shove me into a war camp I am firmly on team PC. I'm just stating ramping up demand when supply constrained doesn't generate sales out of thin air. Consoles have to exist for them to be sold.

I don't get how my comments can be seen as me defending Xbox. If you think my economics are faulty then let me know.

AngelicIceDiamond40d ago

@Sonic Yep way worse. Hashtags don't gimp PS5 or MS is anti consumer deals like Gamepass. Buying up a bunch if studios for futures X1 titles vs hardly any studios working on Kinect games and casual experience. Absolute catastrophic this has been. Even the the top leaders are talking about axing the Xbox division now. Since we're coming up with fake news and all I'll play along.

Oh yeah it's way worse. Especially those articles saying how bad Xbox is lately that have been flooding the news here...

It's early in the week but you're winning stupid comment of the week. Can anyone top you? Let's wait and see I've heard dumber.

RomanPSX40d ago

Wtf are you talking about. The xsx is an amazing console and MS is doing everything right this time, the only thing is missing are exclusives, the only exclusive worth playing on ps5 is Demons souls. And yes GP is a game changer. Xsx is a better console too.

glennhkboy40d ago

What catastrophic are you talking about? Xbox is lacking in the exclusive front, we agree. Sony ONLY has your exclusive. I've read a lot of comments, after finishing exclusives in Spider Man, Demon Soule, etc. Sony players are always waiting for the next big exclusive. There is nothing to play in between. Also, Xbox OS is much more player-centric. Features like quick-resume, smart delivery, cloud save, stable external storage support, etc are all unavailable to PS5 at the moment. Also, for the pass 2 months, Sony was making PR disaster one after another.

outsider162440d ago

I've read this back a few times and still have "no clue what point you are trying to make. Companies buy other companies in order to make more money, excluding customers generally means you will make less money on that game. Exclusives very rarely outsell multiplatform games."

You're right you have no clue. I dont think you understand how it works. When i say exclusives are the reason for companies to sell their consoles..doesn't mean ONLY the exclusives sell more than the multiplatform games.
Here let me try this...
A decides to buy console which has an exclusive. Say God of War. Passes word of mouth that its really good.
B buys it too. Now C is your average gamer who likes only CoD, fifa and gta, his friends are on PS, so he decides to buy it on the PS. So more console sales for the company.
The same effect with Xbox.

Bladesfist40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@Outsiders Microsoft has never made profit on Xbox hardware. They want people in on their games and services regardless of platform, supporting PC for example. As games / services is where the money is. I'm sure Microsoft would be more than happy to release all Zenimax games on gamepass to PS5.

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ShalinieMoune41d ago

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rakentaja41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

to Sonic-and-Crash:
It doesn't help the Xbox as much, as 80-90% of people still prefer PC and all these Bethesda games are played there.

JulioThom3341d ago

The Microsoft ecosystem is not limited to Xbox! It INCLUDES PC gaming, as MS owns Windows! It doesn't if people play Bethesda on PC, Xbox, or XCloud. It all counts as good for MS. MS isn't as invested in selling dedicated consoles as Sony, because they know they have PC players to sell to. It's why Sony is now beginning to sell their games via Steam!

Even Sony people can play those games on their PS5's if they want, provided they use their browsers to access the games.

RazzerRedux40d ago


"The Microsoft ecosystem is not limited to Xbox! It INCLUDES PC gaming, as MS owns Windows! I"

Microsoft's ecosystem does NOT "include" PC gaming. If that were true then Valve would be paying Microsoft for all the games they sell through their Windows client Steam app. That doesn't happen. Microsoft pays Valve for every one of Microsoft's games they sell through Steam. How the hell is PC part of Microsoft's ecosystem when Microsoft is paying someone for games sold. That's just silly.

Petebloodyonion40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Didn’t Ubisoft recently release profit today?
Oh yeah they did and what did we learned?
That since last year Profit coming from Xbox went up while the profit from Pc went down by the same margin.
But hey Xbox is failing and nobody is buying Xbox right?

Hey Tks for comment Razzer you saved me time to says the same things about windows and Steam :)

rakentaja40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

to RazzerRedux:
What I want to say is that "copies sold" are accounted separately for both the PC and the Xbox consoles. Different platforms where games are sold. For example, if Forza Horizon 4 sold 4 million copies on a PC and 2 million on an Xbox, the Xbox can't boast that FH4 sold 6 million copies. Let's say you compare the sales of two racing games (Gran Turismo on PS), because GT is available only on PS but FH4 is also available on PC, so you never know how much it would have sold on the Xbox if it had only been available there. The PC steals Xbox sales numbers. I'm not sure but it seems to me that they are counting separately.

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NeoGamer23240d ago

It gets a D- for next generation games.

RedDevils40d ago

They better improve on delivering games, cause I just managed to pre-order the series x out of pure luck. Hoping I don't have to put it up on ebay.

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Automatic7941d ago

B+ for me. The system has gradually given us so much to play. GamePass is the truth. The Quick Resume and fps boost are game changers. I loved Gears 5 Hivebusters, The Medium and Tetris Effect Connected (great game to play w/ family). The controller feels responsive, no latency. Always room for improvement but Xbox is off to a good start.

NeoGamer23240d ago

I give it a B+. But that is quality of hardware and then OS features as you stated.

GamePass is not synonymous with X|S. It existed before X|S. Gears 5 Hivebusters and Tetris Connected is on both X|S and XBO so nothing new there. The Medium is a good game, but it isn't amazing. The controller is fine, but Sony kicked MS ass with the new dual sense.

Kakashi Hatake41d ago

B+? With no games out besides The Medium? PS5 must be A+ at this point then..

Bathyj41d ago

Pity grade.
Media really wants Xbox to get a leg up.

Bash2U40d ago

Demon Souls and the numerous "Remakes" are now counted as new games to Sony fanboys I guess, not to worry more will be shoved down your throats very soon at $70 lol

Orchard40d ago

@Bathyj Nice tinfoil hat theory. Next you’ll be telling us 5G caused the pandemic.

glennhkboy40d ago

@chiefJohn117 Beside Returnal, Ratchet & Clank, all other PS5 games exclusives so far are cross-gen games. In this respect, Xbox isn't that far behind. We have Medium. 2 vs 1 :)

RedDevils40d ago

Stop being a fanboy just try and get yourself a PS5 first then talk.

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chiefJohn11741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nothing worth spending $500+ for
Ppl scratch and scraping to find these console or willing to pay $700+ to play a bunch of multiplats thats on last gen....I'm good waiting I'm not missing nothing yet.
What reason is their to jump to next gen right now? No must plays @$70, cross games and better performance......I'll wait

Nyxus41d ago

@ chiefJohn117: Demon's Souls, Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and those are all PS5 exclusives too. That's on top of all the multiplat and cross-gen stuff.

chiefJohn11740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Remake, and not out yet. So 1 $70 is worth buying the console at $500 or more? I think not. Worth be worth it till late 2022. When then library stocked up

cooperdnizzle40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Dude chief Buttplug let me help you out... Bug snacks, new game, spider man new game, god fall new game, Returnal new game, Rachet and clank new game, demo souls old game brought up to be the current best looking game and a bad ass game for anyone who missed it.. Kenya new game, all star battle royal, new game, Disco Elysium new game for consoles gamers and the best version is on ps5. Spider man remade for ps5 and not just some simple upgrade. And we have horrizon and god of war later this year not to mention countless other games coming before the end of the year.

I own an Xbox SX, want to know how many new games it has? 1 the medium. And I played it and beat it, you can hardly call it a game. Your brand of choice has 1 game. That is pretty sad coming from one of the richest company’s on the planet.

You Xbox only guys are some of the most delusional people I have ever come across and on top of that you guys act like you have some Jedi mind powers, can lie blatantly wave your arms and expect people to actually believe you.

There you go chief Buttplug 😀👍🏻

chiefJohn11740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Crossgen games, your not missing nothing with ps4. So my point stands.
And did you mention bugsnax lmao
I feel the same about XSX lol so you doing your lil fanboy rant over nothing. Go cry somewhere else, and you only proved my point further. You spent $1000 to play 2 next gen games......LMAO

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Aquafiniac41d ago

Tbh probably a C+ Or B- for now.
I can definitely see it going to a B+ by the end of the year.
I only say that because I already played the majority of games on game pass before it was even on game pass. Hopefully Halo comes out this year.

anast41d ago

...and this is coming from someone who comments on gaming forums...Anyway, why do gamers hate on other gamers for playing games?

Aquafiniac40d ago

The majority of games on game pass are games that has been out for awhile. They have a handful of day one games.

Don’t act like all the games there is day one lol.
Then the other games is shovelware that I’m not interested.

CaptainHenry91641d ago

I would give them a F because Microsoft hasn't had one great *new* exclusive over a decade. Why should they get a free pass now? A B is way too high with no launch exclusives

Sayai jin41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Wait, you played the majority of games on game pass? When you discount duplicates as in standard games that are also wrapped up in bundles, etc there are over 100 games; not including EA Acces games.

jznrpg40d ago

He’s not talking about the shovel ware

Aquafiniac40d ago

Lol you make it seem like the majority of the games on game pass is top quality.

The majority of games on game pass are games that been release for awhile. Don’t act like the majority is brand new.

Sayai jin40d ago

@jznrpgHe made the comment thatbhe played the majority of the aes on game pass. It didn't specify what kind. His only qualifier was that he played the majority.

@Aqua, reading is fundamental. How did I make it seem that the majority, some, none, etc of the games weretop quality. Who said anuthing about new or old?

I only asked him he played the majority of the games and too discount the ones that are included multiple times...i.e. Recore and Rare Replay...there are games thatbare duplicates. No mention of quality, old or new.

Again, how did did I make it seem the majority of the games were top quality, new, etc. I'll wait...

Aquafiniac40d ago

Your right I should of been more specific with it.
Then yeah I played most of the quality games before game pass was a thing.

Sayai jin40d ago

Ah ok. I asked the question, because i am retired and have a good anount of free time to game all I want and I haven't played thr majority of thr games on game pass. I have played the majority of the top tier (subjective) game pass games. I will say their a a decent amount of games that I 0kaued that I would never have tried witbout game pass. I ended up liking qiire a few of those.

MS needs to bring top tier high quality gsmes to this service. For me, I e noted the Halo games since the original, but geew tired of them buy Halo 3. So Infinite is not enought for me, but if it is great, it will help satisfy people.

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Youngindy2140d ago

You realize saying you've played every game on Xbox Game Pass is like someone saying they've seen the majority of films on Netflix and films are only 2-3 hours. Games can be 15+ hours easily.

Aquafiniac40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I said it above, I should of been more specific,
I played the majority of games that’s quality or that I’m interested in along time ago.

Games like Blair witch or rare replay idc about and the majority game that’s quality or I’m interested in is not new.

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moriarty188941d ago

great hardware but nothing to really showcase it yet.