WWE 2K22 devs go behind-the-scenes with new social media campaign

2K and Visual Concepts are offering a sneak peek at the development process behind the forthcoming WWE 2K22 video game. A new social media content series provides fans with ongoing access to work-in-progress production and development.

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galgor33d ago

Cautiously optimistic about this game.. I so want it to be good, but it probably won't be.

SDuck32d ago

I'm with you. My last wrestling game was 2k14. I'm totally on board for a new wrestling game but I want it to be good so it can last more than a year. Probably I'm better off waiting for the AEW game since that one is promising the fun I'm looking for

gamer780432d ago

My guess is slightly better but still based on the annoying gameplay mechanics they’ve always had. The franchise needs a total reboot

galgor31d ago

Yeah I thought that that's what was going to happen with this new game.

But as soon as that trailer hit, all I could think was same old ......

32d ago
micdagoat1932d ago


ken281332d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It doesn’t matter what they do, wwe2k22 needs a demo.