Resident Evil: Village is the third biggest PS5 launch so far | UK Boxed Charts

Resident Evil: Village has comfortably taken No.1 spot in this week's UK boxed charts, according to GfK Entertainment.

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Nyxus42d ago

"49% of its sales were on PS5, 31% on PS4 and 20% on Xbox."

That's a bigger split than I was expecting.

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SullysCigar42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Holy crap, that's a huge difference. 80% on PlayStation.

DJStotty41d ago

Physical copies only.

Would be interesting to see the digital split between the platforms.

DJStotty42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

What i find odd, is how they have not stated whether the figures are for Series or xbox one, but have split PS4 and PS5 sales?

But yet it is the 3rd best selling game on Xbox Series S|X? something is a miss.

"It is already No.3 on the all-time Xbox Series list, behind Call of Duty and Immortals Fenyx Rising."

Nyxus42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Isn't it one and the same version? So they have no way of knowing how many were bought for XSX and how many for XB1. But in that case I don't understand how they would know it's the third best selling XSX game...

TheTony31642d ago

Xbox One and Series are one and the same. There is no distinct Series S/X version like there is with PS4 and PS5.

Chevalier41d ago

There is no split because the Series X and regular Xbox One release is the only one release. No way to know how that splits, but, either way it only amounts to 20% overall which is pretty pathetic

DJStotty41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I get that everyone, but how did they deduce it as being a number 3 on the Series S|X list?


"Isn't it one and the same version? So they have no way of knowing how many were bought for XSX and how many for XB1."

So how do they know it is the 3rd best seller on the Series? They must know the split?

I would like to know the split between xbox one and Series.

It is more common for gamers on xbox to buy digitally, and all this means is that the PS5 garnered nearly half of physical sales, which is what this figure accounts for.

It would be interesting to see the digital split between the platforms.

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JEECE42d ago

Next time people want to talk about install base they should remember that, once you take out Series X/S sales, the PS5 version will have outsold the PS4 and Xbox One versions combined. But people are still going to say next year that games need to be on PS4 because of the install base. So dumb.

TheTony31642d ago

I bet they're waiting for Gamepass.

Paleblood42d ago

I bet is the same old story of low Xbox software sales since the start of last generation. Gamepass is just a new excuse to use.

TheTony31642d ago


But game sales will get even worse, since many Xbox players are conditioned to wait for games now.

Sephiroushin42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Damn so nobody bought it on PC ...

Ah this is just physical copies

JEECE42d ago

These are physical sales. Who on earth buys PC games physically?

Sephiroushin42d ago

I do buy some physical on PC; they just have a code anyways lmao

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medman42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

They have to come up with a way to start tracking digital sales and include those figures in the data.

solideagle42d ago

Returnal dropped hard, I hope Returnal is commercially successful for HouseMarque.

Tacoboto42d ago

Launch for Returnal seemed very weird. It is the only game I've tried buying in a store on release day and couldn't, since back in the 360 era when games would have a "ship" date not a "release" date.

None of the Best Buy's in my state had any stock. Meanwhile the store I went to's game cage was stacked with dozens and dozens of copies of Pokémon Snap

Teflon0242d ago

Think they probably underestimated the games popularity as it's a niche genre they were playing with and generally don't make blockbusters.

Though I found a copy on Friday on first go. But they did check the store and say they had to confirm it wasn't on hold so I think I got the last copy at my local store

LucasRuinedChildhood42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The main issues are that the game is too expensive (I don't live in the UK but €80 here in Ireland is madness) and the game is not something that a lot of people are sure they would like (it's big budget rogue-lite). Regardless of the game's quality, those factors are not a good combination for sales, and a lot of people are likely waiting for a sale for the game to go down to at least a normal price.

RE8 is obviously a much bigger budget game and yet it's €10 cheaper than Returnal. That is off-putting to customers.

I think Sony needs to drop their new pricepoint or at least be a bit more flexible (game by game by basis). Returnal would be much more competitive at the same price that, e.g. GOT, TLOU2, Spider-man (PS4), etc sold at.

dinodash1101641d ago

WTF u mean it dropped hard lol it was Tracked for 1 day and it placed 3rd idiot lol?

solideagle41d ago

"Returnal, falls to No.15 after an 84% drop in sales"
I think someone needs to check his/her eyes/brain before calling someone idiot lol?

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Charlieboy33341d ago

I would think tracking digital sales would be the easiest thing ever compared to physical ( sales vs shipped, getting sales reports in, etc, etc ). I mean all digital purchases go through the store so how hard would it be to keep a count of each sale via some coding in the background. You could literally have figures accurate up until the last sale as they happen.

Chevalier41d ago


I pre-ordered mine and when I went to pick up Returnal the sales associate said they only had 3 copies that weren't preorders and they sold out 20 minutes after the store opened. So no one was prepared. They just turned away people after that.

medman41d ago

That is seems the publisher (Sony) may have dropped the ball on this one, if the reason for the lack of physical copies isn't somehow related to the global shipping woes (and it very well might be), but if it isn't Sony should have known a ps5 exclusive would sell well right now because gamers are starved for new content for ps5. Even if the game isn't what most gamers would normally buy in normal times, these are not normal times.

ShadyVil7842d ago

Most Xbox players buy their games digitally

TheTony31642d ago

Or they're waiting for the Gamepass version. :D

Paleblood42d ago

Or this is just the same old trend of low Xbox software sales we have seen since the start of last Gen.

TheTony31642d ago (Edited 42d ago )

That too. I can see japanese devs ditching Xbox all together if this continues.

PrinceAli41d ago

You guys keep making this dumb excuse lool

Tacoboto42d ago

It's the third biggest PS5 opening sales, but it's the seventh biggest PS5 first week sales, behind even Sackboy?

... What's the relevance of adding that sentence when today is only its 4th day out?

Teflon0242d ago

Game sale tallies finished either yesterday or today I think. First weeks aren't counted as a first full week but how many copies were sold to a specific day of the week. So say every Monday the chart resets. If it releases Friday, first week tallies until Monday etc

waverider42d ago

The reality of videogaming. And people still ask why japonese and not just them support so much Sony. Where is the money? Show me the money.

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