Some Xbox owners see poor-quality Netflix streams

Some owners of Microsoft's Xbox 360 who have signed up to receive movies via Netflix's streaming movie service have seen the same loss of video quality as owners of Roku's Netflix Player.

A mysterious glitch has been hobbling video streams distributed by the two set-top boxes for at least two weeks, said a source close to Netflix on Thursday. The problem is the first setback for Netflix's streaming, which has won accolades since the $99 Roku box debuted last spring. Microsoft, LG Electronics, and Samsung followed with their own set-top boxes featuring Netflix's service. Microsoft did not respond to an interview request.

From alternate source below:

Netflix has acknowledge the problem and said it has been resolved:

Recently some Netflix members using Roku or Xbox movie players noticed lower quality streaming than they had experienced earlier. This was a temporary issue that we believe we have resolved. Working with our content distribution partners and key carriers, we made some specific changes that should restore everyone's experience to where it was before – high quality streaming.

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WANNA GET HIGH3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

This article has FLAME WAR all over it.

BrianC62343695d ago

To me this looks like a problem on the ISP side. Maybe people are just watching movies when their connection is too bogged down. I have times on my digital cable where movies even get messed up. I don't think broadband is completely ready for movies on demand across Internet connections.

Mainman3695d ago

How does this Netflix thing work on the X360?

You pay a monthly fee and you can stream unlimited number of movies?
Or you have to pay per movie you stream?

PooEgg3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Re: How does this Netflix thing work on the X360?

If you have a Netflix account, which is a monthly charge, and a Live Gold account,you get to stream any movies available to be streamed as much as you would like. Additionally, you still get movies in the mail. (so you can still get your blu-ray too, if you have both systems) So basically, if something is not available to be streamed you can still see the movie, but have to wait for it to arrive via mail.

The only downside to it is that currently the movie selection to be streamed is still rather small compared to what you can get through the mail. I hope this will change in the near future as the program takes off.

Darkseider3695d ago

Nothing to do with fanboys at all. Just further proof that streaming HD video is still not near ready for mass consumption and the Blu-Ray is stil the best choice for HD movies.

Anon19743695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Cable companies have been offering Pay-per-view and video on demand services for years and they didn't replace VHS before and they haven't replaced DVD now. Why are people so convinced that physical media is going to die anytime soon?

Darkseider clearly gets it. Moot point for me anyway. As a Canadian, I don't get Netflix either on my 360 or PC.

season0073695d ago

i am paying around 15bucks for rentals of blu rays thru netflix currently

why would i get VOD? its not like i am so free that i always have to watch the movie in any time of the day

Time_Is_On_My_Side3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

lol, VOD stand for Video On Demand it literally means you get the Video On Demand. So if you don't have time to watch it call the Video On Demand, lol. But I do agree with darkride66 about the service.

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Mr PS33695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

And all the other BoTs see poor-quality Every time they put a Game on

Gears of Grey with a Bit of Red Splattered all over the place 2

Edit @ Dylontalon
Why did you not just call your self " dylontalented "then you Sleazy BoT with no Testicles

dylantalon3695d ago

thats a misleading headline, it should actually be "All xbox 360 users see poor quality streaming and poor quality games with lags and glitches". xbl and psn - Dylantalon.

ps. the talon stands for talented

locos853695d ago

Streaming quality sucks. I prefer Blu-ray or DVDs to streaming movies.

Kuest3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Personally, streaming is the best thing since slice bread. It becomes somewhat of a damper, though, with respect to highly regarded movies; for instance, I would never stream Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings, or Brazil, etc. However, in my opinion, streaming is a convent way to come across new films.

I would have never discovered Hero (with Jet Li) had it not been online, nor would I have watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. To that end, I think streaming is a more casual experience, for causal movie goers. The objective for Microsoft, then, is to make their console a casual console.

In that way, the two audience groups may "coalesce", if you will. Like me!

Crazywhitie3695d ago

you must have DSL or some other Slow Internet,... I get Perfect Quality Streaming Movies from Netflix to my Xbox 360... Internet and Cheap People will slow Streaming down... Streaming is the next thing.. just Think with a push of a Button you can watch any movie you want (thats out)... 720p-1080p...

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