Wraith: The Oblivion Afterlife Review | The Outerhaven

Conner from the Outerhaven writes:
"Ever since the release of modern VR headsets it has been clear to all that VR and horror go hand in hand until the end of time. Wraith: The Oblivion Afterlife (which I’m only going to refer to as Wraith from now on to save time) feels like Fast Travel Games has watched how VR has been done for the past few years, and then took all the little tricks to make a satisfying experience that I will never play again because I’m a massive coward."

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The Witcher 3 devs are in on the hype, as Elden Ring DLC takes best-reviewed expansion crown

RED writes: "For the last 8 years, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine had the honor of being the best reviewed expansion for a role-playing game - but @ELDENRING
gets to wear that crown now. Congratulations to the entire team at @fromsoftware_pr on their stellar work!"


PlayStation’s Bluepoint Games is still working on an original title

“Everything takes time,” says studio’s technology head. “We are committed to sharpening our skills!”

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jznrpg7h ago

I’d rather devs took their time instead of trying to kill themselves trying to meet strict deadlines. Games end up better that way.

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WayForward Reveals Two Unannounced Horror Games In Development

During an X Spaces live chat titled WayForward Chat: Horror Games Galore, the indie developer teased the announcement of not one but two upcoming horror titles based on an existing IP.

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