Frankenstein's Army director accuses Capcom of plagiarizing

Frankenstein's Army director accuses Capcom of plagiarizing the design of one of his creatures for Resident Evil Village without authorization.
It is not always easy to find inspiration, especially in a genre as crushed as horror. Getting out of the hat a creature that is original or charismatic is not something that comes out just like that, hence it is usual to be inspired by the classics, contributing other ideas or pulling lesser-known films. And now Capcom has a problem with Resident Evil Village.

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scofios35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

To be honest Frankenstein army was the first thing that came tot my minds when i was in the Heisenberg factory

Sonic-and-Crash35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

when i say that RE8 is just a freak show made form stolen ideas (PT, Franken Army, Boodborne) ..they say icant accept the new thing ...this not a new thing this sloppy made FPS not releavent with RE

Redrex700035d ago

why what wrong with the game?


Exactly. Since RE7, many copied materaisl, deisgns puzzles, gameplay story from P.T. and Silent Hill games and this continues in RE8.

XbladeTeddy35d ago

Sonic-and-Crash: Will you ever accept that Resident Evil as a series has moved on? Anything posted about Resident Evil you have real issues with. If you don't like it DON'T play it, it's so simple.

TheRealTedCruz35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


It's because it's not any release prior to 4, so it's an imposter, and he'll make sure to let you know that every chance he gets.


Weird. Didn't people really want P.T, and found it a crime that it was never released (Silent Hills)? Now it's a bad thing that inspiration was taken from it and actually made it to market?

neomahi35d ago

I would agree. Is it a ripoff of P.T., yeah, Id agree with that. Was RE VII a good change of pace from what RE4 had done to the series? Absolutely, Resident Evil needed a reboot. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre style, while again is a ripoff (the Japanese arent too innovative, theyre just good at ripping off ideas and making them better, much of the time) I do feel Resident Evil Village is Resident Evil 4 all over again meaning the series had a good start and is plummeting downhill again. Werewolves and vampires ARENT Resident Evil, Zombies are. The games also rediculously difficult for its own good and drops you into a really unrealistic situation without a good explanation as to why, its poorly written and mustve been written quickly. But its pretty dissapointing, which so far means Ive been pretty dissapointed with the PS5. The PS4 wasnt nearly as impressive as the amazing PS3 with so much great software. But PS5: The Show 21 was really dissapointing with no traditional Season Mode. Returnal makes no sense. Now, Resident Evil Village isnt too impressive. I do have much more faith in Ratchet & Clank, Im sick of waiting for, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits is gonna hit the spot. My two most anticipated games, The Show, Returnal, and Village are just to tide gamers over (poor attempts) though. Ratchet & Clank and Kena will be well worth the wait and the start of a good gaming library of PS5 games and then we can forget everything thus far. Astrobot was a lot of fun though, PlayStation's Mario if you ask me.

AnotherGamer35d ago

@PLASTICA-MAN you realize RE7 was in development before PT right?

AnotherGamer35d ago

Just move on dude, some things have to change for the better.

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Fluttershy7735d ago

Well you can accuse Capcom all you want, but I think this thing won't fly in a court of law

OG_TK_Cole35d ago

Thats all good, but its a blatant ripoff of Frankenstein Army, which is sad to say the least.

poppatron35d ago

Well done sir, well done 👏🏽

35d ago

I guess I can’t buy Village now until they pay this other dev what they deserve...

Teflon0235d ago

Apparently what someone said is that in the games gallery they actually credit the movie for that thing

Duke1935d ago

Lol they 100% just pulled that character from Frankenstein’s Army. No wonder the original director is upset - I would be too haha

aaronaton35d ago

As plagiarisation goes, this could be one of the worse ones for a while. My blame would be on the concept artist/Art Director at Capcom, sometimes plagiarisation just slips through the net...

oldenjon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Unforgivable for such a huge/influential franchise. Guess it's just tired and has to steal ideas to stay fresh.

AnotherGamer35d ago

The concept art have a comment saying that the monsters design were inspired by the movie apperantly.

RabbitFly35d ago

This is not plagiarism though. It's a reference. Something which we find in almost all popular media.

Hell the whole genre is derivative.

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