Bethesda Official Survey Asks How Much Time The User Spends "Creating Spaceships"

Bethesda Softworks has an official survey on their website and one of the questions appears to suggest that it might be related to the upcoming Starfield.

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Atom66637d ago

It's going to be funny to watch if Bethesda can come out and deliver what we've been hoping/waiting for from Star Citizen all these years.

If we do get our own ships in this game, preemptive thank you to the modder who creates an Eagle-5 mod for me.

Lore37d ago

Yea I feel sympathetic for those who have invested in Star Citizen, really hoping the fans who funded the game for them eventually get the game they deserve

Ausbo37d ago

Unlikely they can deliver those visuals, but surely they can deliver a great game to eclipse it

Mr_cheese37d ago

Looking forward to a full reveal of Starfield. Also intrigued to see if this will be an exclusive from the go for Microsoft!

Aquafiniac37d ago

Probably console exclusive to Xbox or if not
Will be announce only for Xbox on game pass for now but later down the line announce it for PS5 at full retail price.

UltraNova37d ago

I don't see new Bethesda IPs coming to PS anytime soon, if ever tbh.

DJStotty36d ago

Have they not already rumoured that Starfield is xbox only?

Either way, Gamepass Day 1 for me!!!! :p

Zeref36d ago

It's 100 percent exclusive.

Futureshark37d ago

I wonder if any NASA engineers answered this survey.

justadelusion37d ago

depends how many bugs and glitches slow down the process..

Darkborn37d ago

Well apparently the creation engine is the best because they know which bugs to crunch lmao, even though really the modders fix the bugs. Unofficially of course..

DOMination-37d ago

It's nothing to do with the engine. Any game that is huge in scope and allows the player complete freedom to go anywhere and talk to anyone from the very start is going to have them. You could hire 2000 testers but there's no way to find every permutation, scenario or path that a player may choose to take.

They do need to better with post-release support though. ES5 and F4 still have hundreds of issues each.

Orchard37d ago

Starfield is going to be huge - really high hopes for this game - and I hope the rumors of it launching this year are true.

Aquafiniac37d ago

Been a fan of Bethesda for along time now, I loved them even when everyone hated them and said they were trash until MS required them and they became the best again.
I highly doubt it’s gonna come out this year, unless MS pushes them.
I hope they don’t get rushed, I really want them to succeed again and proof everyone they still got it.

I would love to play it on game pass this year but not at the expense of it being rush. Especially how buggy Bethesda games be at launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.