Lens of Truth: Street Fighter II Evolution

Lens of Truth writes, "To commemorate the release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix we will take a brief look at how the game has evolved over the years."

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jaidek3701d ago

Great video! Man that takes me back, it is amazing how far we have come. I still remember playing Street Fighter II almost daily at my local arcade.


RudeSole Devil3701d ago

The 3DO version looked great

evildeli3701d ago

I remember this game coming out in the arcades. I thought it was a nice sequel to the original Street Fighter cabinet with those oversized buttons. I would have never guessed that Street Fighter II would stay this popular after how many years, and it pretty cool to see all it's incarnations.

molsen813701d ago

I remember that I had the SNES version of SFII and I thoght the graphics were amazing! After playing SFII Turbo HD Remix in the classic mode, I'm like wow that's so outdated. Can you imagine how goudy-eyed we used to be about graphics back then? So embarassing.

Baron793701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Best fighting series ever! Awesome video too. It looks like the SNES got better in every version. "Super" was a 32meg cartridge, I think it's the biggest game on SNES, and you can tell. 3DO looks really nice too.

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