Darkstalkers Getting Morrigan Boshoujo Figure by Kotobukiya

While Capcom hasn’t given much love to the Darkstalkers fighting game series in the past several years, Japanese figure manufacturers haven’t forgotten.

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BlackIceJoe34d ago

I wish Capcom would take a chance and bring out a new Darkstalkers game.

Maybe this is a way to see if people want more from this franchise and hopefully after this comes out, Capcom will bring a new game out.

SickSinceSix33d ago

I half expected them to make one with the Street Fighter IV engine, then the Street Fighter V engine. I'd be happy if we get a new entry but I'm keeping my expectations low that it will ever happen.

CrimsonWing6932d ago

Well they were, but due to the poor sales of the Darkstalkers HD collection they pulled the plug. Same thing happened to Zone of the Enders 3. Nobody bought the HD Remasters, so they pulled the plug on the 3rd.