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VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "For all of its faults, Nier is still a refreshing and, at times, genuinely inspiring take on narrative crafting in games. It’s just a shame the development team missed an opportunity to make it more than that. Ver 1.22 had the chance to take a cult classic and make it one of the best games in recent memory, but instead I'm left wondering what could have been; just like eleven years ago."

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jznrpg38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It’s not a full remake as they clearly said . They said more than a remaster of just the graphics but not a full remake , which mainly is tweaked combat and an extra area .. The combat is much improved over the original , don’t play on easy/normal or it’s too easy. If you play on hard parry has more meaning and not needed on normal . You can do some cool combos as the game progresses .This was not going to suddenly be better than Auromata in game design because it’s a PS3 generation game Not a remake or a new game. Nier was one of my favorite PS3 multiplats and the atmosphere is still there with improved combat not sure why people expected more than that ???

raiden_18838d ago

I loved Automata and can't wait to give this go, however, I will wait untill they patch the resolution for ps5 so it's on par with the series x.

curtain_swoosh38d ago

you know, when Taro said Reviewers wont get it, he was spot on.

the game was not a remake. more of a remaster. we got a ton of new things. new overhauled music, new combat, new fully voiced game experiece, new content, a new ending (that was a novel only). im not sure what these people expected it to be? gaming journalism at its best. maybe im biased, but if i play a remaster of a ps3 game, i dont expect it to be more than it originally was. and damn, we got alot of new things.

i know VGC hates everything that is not a typical xbox game, but they missed the point entirely.

37d ago