Activision cuts ties with voice actor of Ghost, Jeff Leach, after sexist comments resurface

Jeff Leach was the voice actor behind the Ghost character in Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone. The entire original Modern Warfare cast was re-casted for the 2019 reboot, and Leach voiced Ghost when the character was added as an operator in Season 2 in February 2020.

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MadLad878d ago

So more internet warriors got someone cancelled for having a vulgar, excessive sense of humor. Got it.

Jin_Sakai878d ago

This generations sucks. Everyone’s so sensitive about everything.

MadLad878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

When social media started blowing up, it was seen as this magical way to be heard by the entire population.
It's now something whose rules you have to tiptoe around in order to not be banned, or have a horde of people to try to use it to screw you over in life.

I'm only 29, and have seen the true birth of the internet, its utilization for self-expression, and the eventual gate keeping it's now used for.

Eonjay877d ago

Not really. Large corporations seek to maximize profits by attracting a diverse clientele. Therefore, if someone makes a public statement that can be seen as offensive, the companies don't want to be associated with that because they fear that it could undermine profits by detracting potential customers. And nothing more.

Rimeskeem877d ago

Actually, the generation is practically the same as all the other generations, they just have social media now that lets them easily vent their insecurities, etc to the public masses and if someone agrees it's even easier to share and have a minority of people make it look much bigger than it is.

PrinceAli877d ago

Holding people accountable isnt sensitivity... dont be an asshole and you wont get in trouble how is that difficult!?

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Eonjay877d ago


If you think this is about anything more than money then you are buying the koolaid.

What is the purpose of a corporation? No catch phrases or half-baked political movements. Point blank, what is the purpose of a corporation?

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XbladeTeddy877d ago

To be fair, the way he spoke about women was pretty vile from what I heard him say on the video. He sounds like a complete muppet in general who thinks he's something special. If you're the voice of a character in a big franchise you need to learn to keep your mouth shut and act professional or of course this stuff will happen. He did this to himself.

Eonjay877d ago

This is correct. Especially if you may be seen as a representative of that product/company. I don't understand why people act like professionalism is something new out of California.

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Dragonslave877d ago

If I recall Donald Trump had a voice recording surface saying grab them by the p***y and they can't do anything and he became president. So...

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CorndogBurglar877d ago

The difference is Trump didn't have a company he worked for to fire him for the "Grab them by the P" comments. He owns his companies. He ran for president and people voted for him. Its pretty simple to see what the difference is there.

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PrinceAli877d ago

Oh STFU you people are actually just plain and simply stupid! "Excessive sense of humour" is sucha stupid take.. you guys are always excusing stupidity and offensiveness as 'Dark Humour/Excessive Humour' its actually embarrassing!

MadLad877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

And people like you legitimize the sort of people who seemingly spend all their time scouring the internet net, trying to dig up whatever dirt they can on people they don't agree with politically, ideologically, or they simply don't share the same world view.

I'm sure you've never insulted someone on the internet. Oh wait, you just did. I'm sure you never had any drinks in you, or got worked up, and perhaps went overboard.
Luckily I can take an insult, or a vulgar joke, and not try my best to ruin your life in retaliation.

People are allowed to speak their mind. Private business is allowed to cut ties due to that choice.
People are then allowed to see the situation and call BS.

Sorry, we live in a world where there are people out there that will dig up statements from decades prior, jokes or no, and do everything they can to ruin people's lives in the current day; causing people to literally tiptoe around everything they say.

We truly are losing freedom of speech.

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MadLad877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

It's funny you hold the views you do. You can't post a single, levelheaded post not riddled with insults and verbiage obviously meant to incite anger in the person it's directed at.

You're so highly hypocritical, it's almost laughable.

You're someone, supposedly, defending the idea that people shouldn't be outwardly aggressive against other people, yet you act in the same exact way with anyone who holds a different worldview than you.

I conceded the guy said off color things. I stated I don't believe it should ruin someone's career.

You've proven me right in almost every post you've made here.
Going through your history, you're not exactly the nicest, most understanding individual found. You seemingly don't know how to address another individual you disagree with without mocking. No matter what the topic is. It says a lot about the character who is trying to criticize other people on their morals.

Extermin8or3_877d ago

But it's true... some people do have a dark or vulgar sense of humour and within reason that should be allowed... this shit has gotten ridiculous... it's not like he said it at work or through his capacity as an employee of theirs...

I saw a great example of how far this has all gone on linkedin other day. This guy had posted a picture of his child that has downs syndrome with a comment about derogatory names people sometimes use- about her or something. Anyway this guy had commented "that he appreciated the matter but linkedin is surely meant to be for business stuff only and personal matters like that should go on facebook shouldn't they?" Now I don't agree however literally no sooner than he had made this comment there were a bunch of people informing him they had contacted his employer to find out well basically if they'd fire him for his comment. I mean wtf, why try to ruin peoples lives simply for voicing a view you don't agree with.

Elwenil877d ago

I really enjoy watching leftists cry about something while doing the exact same thing. If you are going to throw a fit about being offensive, should you really be offensive in the same post? Look at all your posts in this thread, they are all full of bile and hate, the very things you are screaming against. I can't wait to see the left eat itself, it's already beginning.

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Christopher872d ago

"We truly are losing freedom of speech."

Much like your namesake, you clearly don't understand that freedom of speech applies to speaking out against the government. It doesn't protect you in your private life from being fired or asked to leave the property of others.

The sooner people realize words can have consequences in the private sector, the sooner they'll realize where and when it's appropriate to have some edgy comedy moments.

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gamer7804877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

Granted it’s a crass thing say but this cancel culture is frustrating

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Extermin8or3_877d ago

@brrdatisback if you do it outside of your work environment, not in anyway affliated to that job and not directed at any work collegues then yes you should be able to make any joke you want and not be fired for it.

BrockEmSockEm877d ago

seriously, wtf was the female gamers meeting in the video xD "what do we do?" "We need to stand up against it" ...jeez, it's all for publicity and internet points.

LordoftheCritics877d ago

I'm glad. We don't need to celebrate ppl like him.

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wooferine877d ago

Social media = mob. Cancellation = mob justice.

CDbiggen877d ago

I cut ties with Activision after their patch handling for MW surfaced. They're an absolute DISGRACE.

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Abear21877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

Another privileged man not thinking before he speaks. I think it’s hilarious. Problem is people NEED to be in front of that camera, even when they are well paid. Why? Just shut up with your views and bad jokes. It’s a privilege to be online not a right and until men start taking responsibility for what they say, specifically on the internet where you are judged by liberal expectations of the masses, this will keep happening…especially to white guys. He was ruthless btw watch the clip.

jznrpg877d ago

It will happen to anyone man or woman or any race speaking that way towards another in a public space who is sponsoring a company publicly

kthxcrayon877d ago

That's cool. Feel free to support the 39yo aggressively sexist dude who lost his job because of his repeated (and documented) malicious and prejudiced behavior directed primarily at young and teenage girls.

And, humor? If you believe that crap you're peddling, then I feel genuinely sorry for you: you have an obviously embittered future from existing in a society that tends towards equality over time.

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victorMaje878d ago

His comments were directed at her, she’s a woman so of course now his comments become directed at all women, he gets cancelled, logic.

Activision: "…We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players".
Imo not a very fun or safe experience when everyone is scared of being cancelled because of what they might say.

People need to be very careful of the communities of hypocrites that are being created.