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Curry writes, "Take a moment to remember one of the worst days of your life. Can you picture it? Now, imagine that you had to relive the same nightmare over and over again until you made it to the end of your day without making any detrimental mistakes. Scary, huh?

Well, that’s how it is for the main protagonist in Returnal, except that each detrimental mistake she makes leads to death, sending her back to the very beginning to take on all the same threats as her previous life.

In Returnal you play as a woman named Selene, a middle-aged female astronaut who is stuck in an endless loop on a hostile alien planet. Your end goal is to make it further than you did during your previous playthrough and confront the demons of her past as Selene attempts to solve the mystery of why she is there."

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T2X39d ago

Each time you open shortcuts though.

Magog39d ago

I don't think the title was meant as an insult to the game since they gave it a very good score. I think they meant it as what Selene was thinking.

StoneyYoshi39d ago

Yeah thats how I took it. Thats exactly how Selene is feeling and if you get to that point then the Devs did something right. Thats what they want you to feel.

CaptainHenry91639d ago

The two endings was disappointing