Netflix and Riot Games is to bring “League of Legends” to TV with the animated event series “Arcane”

"Netflix and Riot Games today announced with great excitement and delight that they are going to bring "League of Legends" to television with the animated event series "Arcane" ("Arcane" is set to premiere on Netflix worldwide this Fall, 2021)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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robertampy35d ago

Riot has never dissapointed with their animations, hopefully some full lenght episodes would be the same quality

TGG_overlord34d ago

Riot is super talented on that front, yes. So I don't think that they will let us down with this animated TV-series.

34d ago
Vengeance113834d ago

"is to bring"?? Someone can't English.

TGG_overlord34d ago

Both "is bringing" and "is to bring" can be used:

Zhipp33d ago

Should be "are to bring" since the subject is plural.