Dreamcast Prices Have Gone Insane: What Games Should You Collect?

Retro gaming consoles tend to follow a predictable price pattern as they age. They are expensive on release, somewhat rapidly drop in price as new merchandise becomes available, and then inevitably, THIS happens.

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Knightofelemia36d ago

Collect games you like that you will enjoy playing or you enjoyed playing.

ApocalypseShadow35d ago

Correct. A lot of these games I bought to play and keep. If they just happen to be valuable, so much the better. But I bought to play. Bought a second Dreamcast just in case the first broke and I can continue playing them.

Although I have used emulation on tablet and my phone to limit the wear and tear on the console lasers until I learn how to fix them like PS1 and PS2. But should be just as easy if the parts are available. DIY is always great.

Doge35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Get the TerraOnion MODE or GDEMU for the Dreamcast and the XStation for the PS1. They’re Optical Drive Emulators that basically mimic a disc drive but read games off of an SD card (or even a SATA SSD with the MODE). That way you can prevent wear and tear on your consoles and your discs.

The MODE and GDEMU are easy drop-in solutions, while the XStation will require some soldering and pin lifting. But it’s soooo worth the investment if you wanna play on actual hardware.

alexis854135d ago (Edited 35d ago )


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Blank35d ago

/close thread, also this entire bandwagon to collect games for “investment” or to “resell” just made the scene much more about the money over the art and appreciation of hard copies. People think “limited run?! How can I cash in?!” Over “damn this game was pretty epic, this will be on my shelf” people buy limited copies of games for resale over appreciation or for fandom of said game franchise. Buy legitimate pieces of gold or brush up on bit coin or the stock market if you want better returns!

CDbiggen35d ago

I've got Skies of Arcadia, Marvel Vs Capcom, Powerstone 2, and a few others, but really I hate this whole retro collecting shit. I just want to play all the games I want, whenever I want, on whatever I want, hence emulation - don't be a sucker and buy these old games.

TheColbertinator35d ago

I will stab anyone in the eye who tries to swipe my Dreamcast collection

Good-Smurf35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Dreamcast owner developed a habit of not taking care of their games,most I see on sell were disc only rarely CIB copies.
I can see why if it were like N64 case but these are Jewel Case they manhandled them and use it for frisbee or something.

Gunstar7535d ago

European dremvast cases shatter when you open them. They were terribly designed

I have a box of DC games in my Garage and 2 dreamcasts 1 x jap 1 x UK

CDbiggen35d ago

That they were. About 50% of mine are flimsy in some way. Gotta love that blue though.

WeAreLegion35d ago

It's kind of absurd how high retro prices are right now, in general.

Jiub35d ago

Definitely. I remember going to a local buy/sell place and seeing an original Xbox for like $25 bucks last year. Now, they want double or more. Craziness.

WeAreLegion35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Same. They're $80 right now here. I worked at a retro store for years and I'm kind of upset I didn't get more games then. I sold Rule of Rose like an IDIOT.

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The story is too old to be commented.