Videolamer : Fallout 3 Review

Christian from Videolamer writes "Bethesda has managed to make a fine game, one that "feels" more like Fallout than many of us expected. Of course, that means it isn't precisely Fallout, which causes the game to both succeed and fail in various ways. In addition, your enjoyment on a whole depends greatly on a few crucial factors, one being how long you choose to play. Oblivion with guns? Not quite, but it may at least cause some flashbacks.

First, let us dispense with the comparisons to the old games. Bethesda took the original stat system and made some major tweaks. Base stats like Strength and Perception affect your performance with the various skills and weapons differently than they once did, while the list of skills itself has been cut down. I can understand eliminating something like Outdoorsman, but I am sad to see the loss of Gambling (which was great to exploit for money), First Aid (which could be used for a quick and free heal), and Steal (pickpocketing is now determined by Sneak, which would have been a worthless trait on its own, since stealth movement is rarely worth it)."

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