Lens of Truth: Super Street Fighter II HD Xbox 360 Review

Lens of Truth writes, "Welcome to the most extreme one-on-one warfare ever! Capcom's arcade classic Super Street Fighter II Turbo has been resurrected and reincarnated onto Xbox Live. But with a hefty $15 price tag and a whooping 350+ Meg download can Capcom convince the public that a 15 year old arcade classic is worth the money and most importantly the long wait? Short answer is hell yes!"

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RudeSole Devil3694d ago

If you read PS3 and Xbox reviews they mention how bad the 360 controller was. I Want a Head2Head!!

dadeisvenm3694d ago

Pricetag- worth it
Download size - drop in the bucket on PS3
Controls - on a PS3 controller, I give it a 7 or 8. Super Street Fighter and SF2Champion Edition on the Genesis had the best controls.
Network - bad UI and options, NO way to combat cheaters, bad lag can be expected be isn't a game killer