Ex-343i Dev Says His Comment On Crunch Was Taken Out of Context For Halo Infinite

Earlier, the comments made by a former Halo Infinite dev were shared by several outlets online, but he has now clarified his earlier statement on crunch.

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Magog85d ago

Notice he doesn't actually take back anything he said he just makes excuses for it. Clearly he's worried about this news costing him career opportunities in the future.

Sonyslave385d ago

But he did say he had enough time to draw on artstation and do some other things so idk.

Magog85d ago

So we know they didn't have him chained to a radiator. He still exposed the crunch and huge cuts to the game based on the execs at Microsoft not knowing what it takes to make a game.

Sonic-and-Crash84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

when the crunch is from Sony studios then is valid ....when the crunch is from MS studios ,dozens of media vultures and wannabe journalists roasting the guy just for denoting the obvious ....,

imo if some studios are suffering from crunch right now those are definitely MS side , as they are 7 months left behind without exclusive since the Halo fiasco

Orchard84d ago (Edited 84d ago )


1. If he was really concerned about losing his career, he wouldn’t have made the video at all. Most devs I’ve worked with avoid social media etc at all costs to avoid such risk.

2. Huge cuts happen to every game, it’s a normal part of a multi-year dev cycle. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a project where there haven’t been substantial cuts, mostly entire game modes or chapters of the story. The designers don’t just write the original story and design and then go on vacation while the artists and programmers implement everything.

So by your logic, none of the big companies know what it takes to make a game.

Godmars29084d ago (Edited 84d ago )

You're talking about results, not crunch. Crunch is often forgiven, forgotten, when a high profile game is good. When its bad to unplayable, when there are tales of time mismanagement, sitting on a project for years only to force its release so not to miss quarterlies, that's when you hear about crunch.

Maybe Sony is as bad with crunch as MS or EA, thing is they just don't put out titles that come off as being rushed. Closest I've heard of such is the Mile Morales Spiderman.

Zhipp83d ago

The biggest reports of crunch in recent years came from TLOU 2 and RDR2, both of which were highly polished titles. On the other hand, you rarely hear of crunch horror stories from EA and Activision.

Godmars29083d ago

Red Dead is Rockstar, not Sony. Also EA: Mass Effect Andromeda? Anthem?

TLOU2 is a given, but even then, for many complaints it did little to further the "series", for all the controversies swirling about it, overworked devs is its least issue. Meanwhile 343 has Crig the Brute and a year's delay with confirmed downgrades.

Again, my argument is *BAD* high profile games. That well regarded ones generally and unfortunately get a pass. They shouldn't.

frostypants83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Crunch is a reality of the occupation. People are just more likely to complain these days.

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-Foxtrot84d ago

Probably didn’t expect his comments to be spread so quickly and reported on so much

Now it’s like “shit...what have I done”

alexis854184d ago


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Godmars29084d ago

Sounds more like "what I kept/allowed on my message board."

abstractel83d ago

You definitely have to worry about what you say out loud as it will affect your career.

Yeah it's interesting seeing all these downvotes on what seems to be the complaints about crunches themselves. When I was in my early 20s I didn't mind too much. Then I got older and started realizing how game developers take advantage of their people. There are good egg companies but they are in the minority. I could change industry, but when you've invested so much time honing your skills it puts you in a tricky situation. Having a large gap in your resume if you want to go back is not a good look either.

I really believe the gaming industry (like many others) need unions. Overall, the gaming industry is a pretty toxic workplace to work in.

spicelicka84d ago

Lol what? Why is the explanation of what he actually meant considered "excuses"? Not sure why you can't just take his word for it. He's clearly worried about his career, but because people are taking his words out of context and sensationalizing. Now that he's clarifying everything people want to call it an excuse. Just let it go people.

-Foxtrot83d ago

If he didn’t want people doubting him then he should have chosen his words better

He knows how things like this can be reported on

Rude-ro83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

To be completely honest..

The game reveal with an already planned launch marketing strategy puts weight into the words.
It is just not someone saying something with no visual reference to go by.

If the entire gaming world did not call out the game, it would have launched with the new consoles as it was and in that state, it would have been very rushed and not ready for a smooth launch.

DJStotty83d ago

It is because Sony fanboys are desperate for Halo to be unsuccessful, for some reason, they see Halo as a threat.

343_Guilty_Spark83d ago

Careful you're reaching so hard you might pull something

Fluttershy7783d ago

Yeah he was quite silly. It wasn't taken out of context, he literally sht all over the development of Halo Infinite (and 343 really). Probably EA and Acti have NDAs, apparently not the case with 343. Maybe he was truthful but still If I were a AAA dev I wouldn't hire him after this

jznrpg83d ago

MS/Phil shit on the development of Halo Infinite when Phil was saying how great it looks and then approved that demo for release .

agnosticgamer83d ago

Notice how you didn't work there and he did and said his comments were taken out of context. Or do you know better than him?

NeoGamer23283d ago

Project by their very nature contain crunch time because they are date driven.

School projects often have students spend "all-nighters" to get their projects done, Construction projects often work through the night to get done on time, and now we have software projects both in business and gaming where people often work crunch time to get these projects done.

We keep on blaming companies for crunch time, but in reality this is a two way street. I work with developers all the time, and they are absolutely awful at estimating their work which is almost as bad as "evil" companies that make them work crunch time.

When I estimate developer projects I ask developers what their confidence level is for the estimate. If they say high, then I hold them to it (If they are accurate there is no crunch time, if they under estimated then there is crunch time), if the confidence level is not high I sit down with them, try and understand why, then add my own multiplier to their estimate. As a person that plans development projects you rely on the people doing the estimation to give you accurate estimates with a good understanding of the code that will need to be written. If their accuracy is wrong then crunch time happens.

There are two things that lead to crunch time. The first, is developers not providing accurate estimates. I know it is hard but developers need to tell the planners how long things will take and give a degree of certainty. Second, planners need to interpret any estimates up where certainty is low and never allow any estimate to go down. How well, both do is what leads to crunch time. If developers are good at estimating then they avoid crunch time, If planners are good at interpreting estimates they also help the developers avoid crunch time. But every time crunch time is really bad it is both to blame, not just the company.

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SenorFartCushion84d ago

Microsoft’s money strikes again. Crunch doesn’t have to exist if you can afford for it not to. This way you can be nominated for GOTY off the back of crunching employees and not lose a wink of sleep.

This applies to every AAA studio, but MS are the subject of the article here, so...

sourOG84d ago

I have nothing against an “all hands on deck policy” and the end of production. You should want to be a part of that, I would. If you wanted a stable career then game development was probably your first mistake. Especially after the covid remote working revolution.

That’s every corporation. Just because they make a ton of profit doesn’t mean they are going to keep teams or people around that lose them money. You could say they make enough from call of duty to support a failing diviision, or kotick’s bonus is enough to support a division that is losing them money. You could say that, but that’s not how it works. For any corporation.

DJStotty83d ago

If people have never experienced "crunch" in a place of work, then you need to actually get a job.

SenorFartCushion83d ago

I have experienced crunch, it’s enforced by roobs who are bad at their jobs.

Sciurus_vulgaris84d ago

I think to stop sites from click-baiting or blatantly falsely presenting information, one of the 3 platform holders needs to blacklist or charge a site with defamation. Sites click bait and present suspect or false information all the time without repercussion.

SenorFartCushion84d ago

This is the company preparing for Infinite’s relaunch. There has been crunch for the last few months, that much is extremely, extremely obvious. But crunch is more controversial now, so the studio dogs are out on damage control.

“We didn’t mean crunch back then, promise!” Even though it’s a AAA studio with crunch reports coming out all the time.

In fairness, though, they have nothing to worry about. The GOTY awards last year proved that media pundits don’t really care about crunch. Then there are the fanboys, who’ll lie down and let the AAA tanks drive over them, crushing their bones, whenever they have the opportunity.

Jay76784d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I don’t think halo infinite will a be game of year Contender but I hope it a least be a decent game for halo fans.

Fluttershy7783d ago

Yeah... I wanted to be really good, a masterpiece like the Bungie games were. But no, now we are like "hope is decent"

FanboysKiller83d ago

Goty award since gow have been pointless because many games deserved it actually which makes it no longer special and just another title unfortunately.

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