GamingTrend: Mirror's Edge Review

GamingTrend: "Mirror's Edge is fairly unique, and I have to applaud DICE for trying something completely new. The fact that they managed to achieve the level of success presented here is amazing. When the game is on, it is dead on. Fortunately, when the game is off, it isn't too far from the mark. Electronic Arts and DICE have come up with something unique in Mirror's Edge. While the game can be finished in a weekend, completing it without firing a shot, on the higher difficulty levels, is a real challenge. The time trials extend the gameplay quite a bit, and the promise of downloadable content will keep the game installed on my hard drive for a while. The story may fall flat, and you may fall flat quite a bit with the trial and error gameplay, but there is no doubt that EA and DICE are on to something here. Less gunplay and more wallplay for Mirror's Edge 2 please - I'm looking forward to it."

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