There's Too Much Body Horror in Cyberpunk

Today on COG Considers, let's talk about how cyberpunk is basically horror in a sci-fi package, and that horror is starting to get a bit stale.

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Vanfernal35d ago

A staple theme of cyberpunk is blurring the lines between man and machine. That concept is intrinsically tied to body horror. So if you don't like that aspect of cyberpunk you basically have an issue with the genre itself.

zarbor35d ago

Correct. The article is so dumb. Please do yourself a favor and don't read and please don't even comment. Its not worth the time nor space.

35d ago
justadelusion35d ago

I'm just not sure if some of the articles are even serious anymore.

Smok9135d ago

That’s one way of viewing the game...I guess

Magog35d ago

Does this person consider all body modification to be mutilation? Earrings? Circumcision? Plastic surgery?

DVAcme35d ago

What a stupid fucking headline. The loss of humanity as people replace more of themselves with machine is a DEFINING THEME of the Cyberpunk genre, one that has been used for both visceral and philosophical effect.

You might as well complain there's too much stabbing in Slasher films or too many tentacles in Lovecraftian horror while you're at it, ffs

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The story is too old to be commented.