Lost Judgment for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, & Xbox One Gets First Official Screenshots & Details

If today’s announcement of Lost Judgment by the creators of the Yakuza series has you excited, there’s one more reveal sent by Sega via press release.

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S2Killinit39d ago

Very excited for this! Love these games. They are a breathe of fresh air from your average gaming.


Recently started playing Judgment on the Series X because I missed it on the PS4. You're absolutely correct, such a breath of fresh air in comparison to other open world games. The lighting in this game is gorgeous!

The Wood39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Try the other yakuza games on gp as theres far more activities to do on the town/towns depending on which yakuza you play.
Judgement was a solid spin off the original. Will definitely be grabing the sequel. Im not anfan of the turn base yakuza though. Gimme action

autobotdan39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

So let me get this straight this a straight sequel to a xbox series game that did not work on xbox one yet there is a xbox one version of this Judgement sequel? The previous Judgement had no Xbox One version

Magog39d ago

Capcom and Sega are showing that Japanese devs can still make games with top tier graphics.

andy8539d ago

Considering this is has a last gen version those graphics are stunning

jznrpg39d ago

I’ll will buy this to support them . Judgement was a good game that didn’t sell as well as it should but didn’t do poorly. We need to support new IP . I’m glad they took Yakuza series a different route with this spinoff but they can still do Yakuza .

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