After Xbox testimony, Apple tells Microsoft to put up or shut up

As the first week of the Epic v. Apple trial comes to a close, Apple is picking a fight over one of Epic’s witnesses. The fight centers on testimony from Lori Wright, Microsoft’s vice president of Xbox business development, who testified about the distinction between “general purpose” and “special purpose” devices on Wednesday in favor of Epic’s claim. Wright’s testimony set off a day of confusion over whether Microsoft actually makes money selling Xbox hardware. Apple is now asking the judge for an “adverse credibility finding,” basically a determination that Wright’s testimony can’t be trusted because of irregularities in document production.

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RazzerRedux36d ago

I had no idea this lawsuit was going to be so entertaining.

blackblades36d ago

I still dont know what's going on, epic vs Apple why Sony and Microsoft is involved. Why are they in court for?

RazzerRedux36d ago

I have no idea. Lawyers build arguments out of seemingly unrelated stuff, I guess. Either way, it is fun to watch these corporations have to reveal their precious secrets.

Orchard36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Basically, from a 10000ft view:

- Epic are suing apple for taking 30% cuts and disallowing 3rd party stores, IAP that bypass Apple, etc.
- Apple are trying to say taking 30% cuts is 'normal' because Xbox/PS do it.
- Xbox jumped into bed with Epic on the lawsuit because they got screwed by Apple with XCloud on iOS being blocked.
- Console manufacturers have to defend the 30% cut since lots of their revenue and profit comes from there (and makes up for the hardware losses), so they are saying that consoles are 'specific purpose devices sold at a loss' where as iPhones etc are 'general purpose devices sold at profit' like a PC, and that's why 30% is acceptable on consoles, and not on iPhone/iPad.

And then MS gave sworn statements to the above & stated they don't make profit but presented no hard evidence, and then put out a press release contradicting that, so Apple are trying to get the Microsoft exec's statements dismissed by the judge/court unless MS provides more evidence.

It's basically the corporate version of a bunch of rednecks fighting in a trailer park over who drank all the beer. Enjoy the train wreck.

TheColbertinator36d ago


"It's basically the corporate version of a bunch of rednecks fighting in a trailer park over who drank all the beer. Enjoy the train wreck."


Rude-ro36d ago

Microsoft is a witness for epic and has been poking at apple via tarnishing style info but with no records to back it up...
Since Microsoft’s exec testified, it opened the door for apple to counter with asking the courts to force Microsoft to reveal their financials.
Ie “put up or shut up”

Sony is just being dragged through since they are a digital retailer.

Sloppy major corporation stuff to influence perfected outcomes.

But Microsoft’s exec messed up via their testimony.
They either will have to provide financials or back out as a witness.

Teflon0236d ago

Orchard got me choking on my drink before I even sipped it 😂😂

S2Killinit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Its a party and everyone is invited lol

No but seriously, looks like they testified as experts about how things work. Except these witnesses have a stake in the matter, as a lot of witnesses often do, rather directly.

dcbronco35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Very nice, Orchard.

I think maybe the most important thing to come out of this trial will be exposing the corporate tax code advantage major companies get over small businesses and the average American. This is the best spotlight since the Coming to America trial.

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darthv7236d ago

wow... to be a fly on the wall in that hearing.

TheColbertinator36d ago

Hence why lawsuits against large corporations are to the benefit of the general consumer. Details that are never given by press releases or even investigative journalism never truly reveal all the dirty deeds these companies have done to stay prosperous or even dominant.

RazzerRedux36d ago

No, it isn't that simple. Frivolous lawsuits do exist. Some are simply looking for an easy paycheck. You cannot jump lump them altogether.

jukins36d ago

But what dirty deeds have been revealed?

enkiduxiv36d ago

@Orchard I have been coming here for years but until today, I had never seen the perfect comment. Thank you.

Petebloodyonion36d ago

Where judge Judy when you need her!

RosweeSon36d ago

Will hopefully show up a load of this PR guff for what it is. 🐎 💩 🥴✌🏻🤣

35d ago
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darthv7236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Microsoft wants Epic to win this case, and it’s willing to talk about Xbox profitability if it helps to make that happen."

so Im curious, if MS helps Epic win... what does MS get out of this? Not having to pay the license fees to use the Unreal Engine for life??? Of course if there was some sort of deal, they wouldnt be able to talk about it anyways as it would be a conflict of interest.

Orchard36d ago

They want XCloud on IOS natively through an app, not through the web browser. Apple blocked this a while back because they consider an app where you can browse a catalog of content to be a 'marketplace'. Steam had issues with them for the same kinda thing.

So Microsoft is hoping that Apple has to allow third party marketplaces or IAP at the minimum.

Atom66636d ago

Orchard summed it up very well, but I don't think that means Epic won't be "thanking" MS with something on the side...

Masterchief_thegoat36d ago

Ms wants to pay a lower fee. And also by getting ea good side. For some big exclusive. If ms help ea win the lawsuit.. nothing is free

MetroidFREAK2136d ago

Lol this whole lawsuit is hilarious

FanboysKiller36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

General purpose is just a justification phrase to raise their value over other specific platforms , Apple store is unfortunately a pile piece of s , no one involved in apple store for the same reason on other platforms.

Duke1936d ago

I believe the proper case name was:

Put up V. Shut up

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