Does Days Gone deserve a sequel after all?

Having just celebrated its second anniversary, Days Gone has found itself back under the spotlight, but not for all the right reasons. We’re here to ask what, if anything, comes next for the PlayStation exclusive and its developer, Sony Bend Studio.

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myfathersbastard45d ago

Yes. While the 1st game was way better than some people give it credit, it did have some issues. But it laid a great foundation for a 2nd game. Set up some decent story beats. And with a few gameplay improvements and expansions the sequel could be great

Ratchet7545d ago

A big yes.
Should the first game have been delayed?
But why do we give a pass to games like assassin's creed when they launch filled with bugs but gave so much crap to a new franchise for the same thing?

byconcept39d ago

Yeah, Days Gone was great and laid down the foundation for a sequel that would take everything the first game did and improve on it. The franchise deserves a second chance.

-Foxtrot45d ago

Course it does

I've never seen a "Zombie / Infected" game with the hordes this game had and they can always keep adding to it

Also that cliff hanger ending...I mean what a twist, the places they can go story wise.

FreeFallFrenzy44d ago

My expression when I saw that was literally the exact same expression Deacon had haha. "What the f***!" That one scene alone made me wish for a sequel. Was the perfect sendoff to the first game

Knightofelemia45d ago

Love the first game would love to see a sequel the sequel would be a day one purchase for me. I also like Sam Witwer as an actor and he was really good as Deacon.

leemo1945d ago

Beside it being a good game, if you 100% everything and get the ending with O'Brian it needs one. Leaving it open like that and not doing a sequel would be a dumb decision. Plus with a sequel, If Sony allows it only to be on PS5/PC they could really outdo the first one. Since Bends Studio wouldn't be getting held back by the hardware as much as they were with the PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.