Lost Judgement Launches Globally on September 24, Steel Book Edition and Price Revealed

BestBuy will be offering an exclusive steelbook case!

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Spenok38d ago

Will be 60 instead of 70.

Here's hoping more publishers stick to this price and force people like Sony to drop theirs back down again. I mean, I LOVE Sony first party games, but that extra $10 still makes me pause.

Viking_mo38d ago

Yeah exactly especially the time we are living in its impossible to justify this price

38d ago
neutralgamer199238d ago


What's amazing to me is everybody keeps bringing up Sony like they were the first ones to raise the price. When you have publishers like take two, EA and Activision they decide the price. If you think for a second that Microsoft won't jump into this you out of your mind. If all publishers decide they will charge $70 Microsoft will be forced to charge same. It's called partnerships Ms needs these publishers

And let me stand corrected I am not defending Sony or any of these corporations for charging 70. I'm simply stating a fact that even though Sony is the one that gets the blame all the big publishers decided for next-gen versions of their game the cost would be $70

I don't believe the price should be $70 for all games I think it should be on par release basis if a game has a lot of content and is great in quality then if they could charge 70 but if a game is not AAA standards in the development cause was less than why charge families or even 60 charge 50

I miss the days when we had brand new games releasing at 40 which were AA. Now it seems either we have AAA or the Indies. Back then we had smaller or I would say medium size publishers like THQ who were releasing some medium sized games with lower budgets

But greed is the be all end all so when these companies saw an opportunity they knew they could get away with. PlayStation sells the most software so these publishers probably approached sony and Sony saw an opportunity to make more money simple as that. These publishers knew if Sony was with them that PlayStation would get the major blow back and heat while these publishers stay in the background with price hike. Ms game model is different they are more focused on subscriptions and Nintendo really does it's own thing. Their games release at full and stay at full price even they are are straight up porting old games

Michiel198938d ago

@neutral its probably because Sony has some common sense, EA and Acti dont and will just label this price hike as "surprise mechanic" while purchasing. because who doesnt want a nice surprise while whipping out your credit card?

maybe im partly to blame as well, i dont care about EA's or Activisions games and ill just let them do as they want because i wont buy their games anyway. With Sony i actually care about their games and I hope they come around on their games prices.

neutralgamer199238d ago

I usually don't buy their games at full price. I buy COD games games years down the road for their SP only and I buy very select few EA titles. I will buy ME remaster only if it's quality. You are right though

But the greed level of take two is surprising and unreal. Ever since the release of GTA 5 they have become so greedy and thing is they own some awesome IP's

Max Payne
Midnight club

I feel like with the success of GTA v online and how much money they were making and are still making so easily without putting that much effort into it has made them really greedy. Why take chances on new games or new IP's when you can continuously run GTA online and make money. And I believe they were the first ones who said they will charge more for next gen versions

38d ago
neutralgamer199238d ago


Microsoft are playing with fire by getting the consumers used to not paying anything besides subscription. You think these multi-billion dollar publishers will sit behind and let a subscription take over rather than sell a full priced game? Game pass cannot survive at this price for the publishers it has to go up.

This is the fear a lot of gamers on this side and a lot of sides stayed about that Xbox side keeps saying we don't have to buy games that means that to their eyes the only games which are valuable are the ones on game pass. Third party publishers want their full share they don't want a percentage of it by putting their games on game pass. If it has a future in gaming and I'm talking about game pass but not the way is currently structured the price has to be maybe $30 to $40 a month for it to be worth it for these publishers if not more

Unless Ms keeps buying publishers and have 50+ in house studios who can all make games to be delivered throughout the years

Spenok38d ago

Uhm... Ubisoft doesn't charge 70, EA doesn't on most games SO FAR (we'll see if that sticks), Activision has only really had the chance for 1 game... although Crash on next gen does contradict that.

But I also did say in my original comment, "...companies like Sony..." I.E. not only them.


foker37d ago

@neutral,.. xbox does not have any games,.. so maybe this kinda works out for them,.. still cannot see gamepass being profitable,.. when it costs 150milion of AA game nowadays,.. Gamepass maybe great for consumer at current structure,.. but I just don't see it working out,..even if they had 80m subscribers,..

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Lore38d ago

Normally a $10 difference wouldn’t make a big deal but in my opinion $60 is pushing it to begin with. If they want more from physical then keep putting out limited and collector’s editions.

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OpenGL37d ago

I think that's because it's on last-gen consoles, so far only next-gen exclusives have been $70 iirc.

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jbrock1138d ago

Not happy about another turn based game from Ryu Ga Gotoku but the story looks great as always so I'll be buying anyway.

Vandamme2138d ago

This game is not turn based. The next main yakuza game will be though.

Viking_mo38d ago

Yakuza will be turned based. Judgement series will be action

EverydayJoe38d ago

I am really kinda bummed about this direction they have decided to take. My Yakuza experience ended with Song of Life, because Turn Based combat turns me off.. I mean it's fine for those that like it, but it's just not Yakuza, certainly not what I have grown to love in the Yakuza series. Oh well, All good things must come to an end.

RedDevils38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Do you even play any Ryu Ga Gotoku's games beside Yakuza 7?

jbrock1137d ago

Not sure if this was directed at me but I've played literally every Yakuza ever made + Judgement and Fist of the North Star. Love the studio, just hate the decision to go turn based.

SenorFartCushion38d ago

Damn. I’ve just bought Judgement remastered on ps5. Is it worth me keeping or should I get the refund and wait for this one?

Nyxus38d ago

This is a sequel to Judgment, so why not play that one first?

Chevalier38d ago

Probably want to play that one like Nyxus suggested. Not sure why would play the 2nd game and not the 1st one. Especially since you're going to want to understand why the character is the way he is.

SenorFartCushion38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Just in case it’s quite procedural, where the point is to follow this detective through a new case, like an entry into Poirot or something like that. There will be a hint at who the detective is during the second game just like there was in the first, so story-wise, I wouldn’t be missing much, just the overall case and how it applies to the main characters.

I’m saying this as a person who’s first Kingdom Hearts was 3 and I managed to get the story of that game.

Edit: my first Uncharted and God of War games were also the third entries too 😅 I seem to do this a lot. But Uncharted is a good analogy. That was the third game but it just felt like a whole new adventure.

38d ago
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