Resident Evil Village's tall vampire lady is a big disappointment

With the full game now out, it's time to say that Resident Evil Village's tall vampire lady, Lady Dimitrescu, is a big disappointment.

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TheEnigma31336d ago

Only simps wanted to see her all game. Her time in the game is perfect.

Sonic-and-Crash36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

the whole game is a disapointment

....from the best most atmospheric science fiction survival horror series
...became a freak show for laughs (and tears for the old fans) ..

...the wolfmen , the monster lady (should have beard too to complete the failure) , the muppets and the hunchman

ScootaKuH35d ago

Agree. This isn't resident evil

35d ago
OMGitzThatGuy35d ago

30 games later and you diehards still want basic zombie games.

TheRealTedCruz35d ago

There's many who find 7 the best in the series, and I'm one of them.
Sometimes you simply have to accept that series can change over time. You don't have to like it, but it's pointless to constantly go out of your way to crap all over something you don't like.

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SyntheticForm36d ago


What were people expecting, exactly?

XbladeTeddy36d ago

I guess more of her in the game. The internet hype kind of made people think her role was more than it was. Nothing wrong with her in game, a fantastic addition to the RE universe just hype has a tendency to overblow everything.


Pervs placed all the hyped on her, not Capcom.

Shiken35d ago

Her presence was a huge letdown. She just needed to be utilized better in her segment, not necessarily the whole game. There is one very small area where she hangs out, and appears in a few more even smaller scripted areas. You turn, run through a door or two, and your safe.

People wanted more of a Mr X type scenario for her area of the game, and it wasn't even close to that. She is no better than Maw was in The Medium if we are being real here.

Livingthedream35d ago


Shiken35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

There is nothing entitled about having expectations based on what we were shown. Seems you can't be disappointed these days without being called "entitled" by apologists.

Maw had potential, but was too scripted and under utilized. However that is another topic.

SyntheticForm35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

You're acting very entitled, though. She's a character and that's it. She serves her purpose - doesn't matter what the demo contained.

You weren't promised anything, nor were you misled. Lady Dimitrescu is a sliver of the game IN a sliver of the game, which is what the demo was and was meant to be.

That's that.

Shiken34d ago


I never said we were promised anything, just what people were hoping for and that her presence was underwhelming. Good god it is pathetic that people cannot express criticism based on opinion. This is why good conversations about games don't happen anymore.

"agree with me or you are entitled"

Sad state of people these days, but given how this newer generation acts I am not suprised. It is like trying to have a serious discussion with a small child at this point.

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fsfsxii36d ago

writer of the topic is a coomer lmao
she was perfect, didn't outstay her welcome in the game. the entirety of RE8 was just perfect pacing and level design which compliments the enemies of that certain area

Eamon36d ago

Haven't played yet but I knew this would happen. One short demo and suddenly the internet loses their mind over her. Capcom never expected all this free marketing which obviously paid off very well for them in the end.

Once again, this teaches people a lesson of managed informed expectation. Capcom never said she was the main villain nor did they say she would feature prominently. Extreme hype leads to disappointment. Cyberpunk is a very good example of this.

foker36d ago

big boobs do that to children.

SenorFartCushion35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Adults too. You will know when you see some that aren’t your own


jwillj2k435d ago (Edited 35d ago )

big ass even more so. 2b was forced to extended her career into porn. i can imagine the same will happen to her.

BrainSyphoned35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Capcom didn't make promises about her.

Cyberpunk promised many things they didn't deliver.

Cyberpunk is not an example of this. CDPR manufactured fake hype with lies during many videos on youtube and closed door demo footage. Capcom released a demo for everyone that people ran with assumptions on.

Tedakin36d ago

Yeah she kinda is. She's great in the game but barely in it. The internet really grabbed ahold of her and blew her out of proportion. The Darth Maul effect.

ScootaKuH35d ago

Yeah but even Capcom pushed her as the poster girl for the game. Surely they're also a bit guilty of misleading people slightly? They know sex sells and here's the proof

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