Ripped from the headlines: Microsoft's role in building a gaming community

Today's console and video game landscape is no longer the closed-off, disconnected world we grew up in. Thanks to the power of broadband and a series of tubes called the Internet, we are now a huge contingent of gamers. Banded together by our favorite Web sites, consoles and online friends, today's video game world is a community - and nobody understands this more than Microsoft.

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TheMART5713d ago

The article just says it like it is.

MS is undefeatable in this game. Sony won't come close, not for years to come at least!

End1ess5713d ago

Adaptation. They listened to what we wanted and they delivered and consumers are getting everything they wanted. I personally love the idea of Live Anywhere and the fact that Media Center brings my PC and Xbox media together. Never ending content downloads and demos out the behind. It just doesn't get any better and as a gamer I appreciate that. So they will continue to get my business. Nintendo is following suit I think and Sony is still dragging but their whole problem is they want people to listen to what they want, not the other way around. IMO that's why they're failing.