Days Gone PC Screenshots Show Off How Great the Game Looks

One of the PlayStation 4's recent exclusives is getting released in the master race platform soon, as Sony's Bend Studio

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NecrumOddBoy41d ago

Highly recommend this game to everyone who likes good open world titles. It’s one of my favorites.

Timzster40d ago

Seconded. If it looked great in PS4, it will definitely look better in PC.

excaliburps40d ago

Haven't finished it and only did tutorial parts. It's said to be super long, no?

NecrumOddBoy40d ago

The main game AKA golden path is about 20-30 hours; however, the game has many storylines woven throughout the main game, so you will detour off for some side quests and actively pursue others. It's well designed in that aspect. All the side content (not including the challenge mode) took me up to 95 hours to platinum; but in all fairness, I spend a lot of time just exploring every nook and cranny. There are a lot of hordes to fight and things to do.

Lexreborn240d ago

I platinumed this game, had so much fun.

purple10140d ago

Quick question from a fellow gamer,

how do you balance having fun, with getting the platinum, or do you go for the trophies on a second run through perhaps?

I ask because, I played God of war on PS4 (and my opinion in the top 3 games of ALL TIME if not the best.) . I even bought the special edition prima hardback guide which I never do!

Had so much fun, combat..story.. canoeing!
but,! could not imagine trophy hunting because I just couldn't wait to get to each next section - or next storyline bits etc.

Impatient. Made worse by the game getting me all riled up and excited.!

How do you feel about these dilemas?

Duke1940d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I only did 1 play through, had a blast with it and got the plat. It wasn’t a terribly hard trophy to get iirc. Well for the base game anyway - didn’t go for the survival and challenge mode plats

Definitely a fantastic game tho

Stanjara40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

There are few games that have a normal platinum, Horizon zero dawn and Spiderman are great example, where you finish a game and have 87% of trophies. Than it takes a little effort to get the platinum.

But majority of games have ridiculous trophies, third of them being multiplayer and getting platinum is a chore and kills the joy of platinum.

I remember finishing uncharted and having 4% of trophies. In a single player game I was baffled.
They are ridiculous.

Gow has like an end game, where you finish a story and than game opens up with quick travel and you finishing up challenges. Platinum is ...well a platinum.

Lexreborn239d ago

As I’ve gotten older ive learned that depending on how much I like a game depends on how much effort I put into towards the trophy. Recently i platinum Spider-man, Miles morales and outriders.

Mostly because their trophies were smartly designed towards the gameplay and not just useless tasks.

If Spider-Man had a trophy to grind out all those feats. I would’ve never gone for the platinum.

If days gone had one for killing 10k zombies with every gun, I would’ve never plat it.

When I platinumed God of War it was in one playthrough and because I really took my time exploring every inch of that world. It was so well designed.

Personally I like trophies to reflect what I’m doing in the game with a few flexing trophies. But not for it to be a career.

SyntheticForm40d ago

I can't believe I platinumed AC Valhalla.

Dandizzle40d ago

At first I wasn't super into it, but man this turned out to be one of my favorite games.Every part of the game play loop is fun.

gunnerforlife40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

The learning curve takes a lot of patience the most difficult part is getting used to the bike! But once you get the hang of riding the bike and get the upgrades.. This game becomes a real joy!! It's probably one of the few games last gen i spend more them 50hrs on alongside god of war and kakarrot

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