Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind's Yozora Boss Fight Is One Of The Best In Gaming History

The fight with Yozora in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind could be the best boss fight in gaming history.

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Snookies1245d ago (Edited 45d ago )

If only I could catch the DLC on sale... I just don't like the $30 price point on it.

EDIT: Wow, literally just checked after posting this and it's on sale lol... Should have checked beforehand I suppose. As a side note, calling it one of the best in gaming history is a tall order. I'm curious what other people thought about it. As I didn't want to do much research on it until I actually played the DLC

Lore45d ago

As for the fight itself it is amazing. The pricepoint though was highway robbery

GoodGuy0945d ago

I still like the kh2 sephiroth battle the best but oh boy was it fun to figure out how to beat yozora on your own. Took me at least 50 tries to beat him lol.


I mean all of the limit cut boss fights were exceptional. The base game had awful boss fights, so it was refreshing to get an entire DLC based on boss fights. It was severely overpriced, but still amazing if you want a challenge.