If There Ever Was a Dev That Understands Metroid - Returnal Review | Zyro-EG

Jason says, "If there ever was a dev that understands Metroid and what it would look and feel like in the modern day, this is them. From the excellent aesthetic world design to the map layouts, I can’t help but feel like I’ve finally gotten a glimpse of a higher budget effort to create an alien world designed around shooting, platforming, and exploration. However, it isn’t without flaws: this game was built using Unreal Engine 4, and clearly started out as a PS4 target, later receiving upgrades moving to a PS5 title. Even with the upgrades, you’ll still see last gen issues, and that includes the framerate dipping regularly and inexplicable stuttering. That doesn’t change the fact that the game’s world is impressively designed, and that the effects work on display is both mind-blowingly colorful and signature HouseMarque with particle-effects up the wazoo. It all comes together beautifully, albeit flawed. Moving onto the story is a far more interesting tidbit. While I won’t post any major spoilers, let’s just say that the story is entirely analogous but without a reference point. Thus, analogies without a reference point are ambiguous. Enjoy discussion threads on the ending and that all of this is not as it may seem. Also, fair warning: the house is a bit more horror than it looks."

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oldenjon48d ago

Yup this game is to Metroid what Dark Souls was to Zelda. It's too bad Nintendo let their franchises slip into mediocrity.

stupidusername48d ago

'mediocrity'... That's simply not true. Each Zelda title have had more variations in gameplay and artistic directions than any predecessor to Demon's Souls. Nothing wrong with that, because the souls games are amazing, but stating that Nintendo's big hitters have fallen into mediocrity is simply not true.

Brazz47d ago

best Metroid game in over 10 years... made by a small studio and Playstation exclusive. Kinda embarrassing for Nintendo, they need to up their game, Samus deserves better.