Resident Evil Village - Compare PS5 vs. PS4 Pro Screenshots

Resident Evil Village launches tomorrow but we have been poring over the release builds of both PS5 and PS4 Pro for the last few days. With the full game available to capture pixel-perfect like-for-like shots, TechStomper reveals some differences, big and small.

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Orchard46d ago

RE Engine never fails to disappoint. This game really looks great on all platforms, old and new.

PrimeVinister46d ago

It's a gorgeous-looking game on both systems but the 9th gen. systems look incredible in action.

Orchard46d ago

Agreed, and seeing this level of visuals run at 60 with raytracing on is very impressive & looks great.

PrimeVinister46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

It's not quite 60 most of the time but it's not that noticeable that often. I think it's about the same level of performance as the demo but that was only a small portion of the game that doesn't push the engine as hard as other parts in the rest of the game.

But it is still very impressive. Looks superb in 4K HDR with the RT on.