5 Lady Dimitrescu Fanarts That Are Inevitably Attractive

If you yourself can’t get enough of Dimitrescu’s statuesque visage, why not enamor yourself with some spectacular artwork from artists? Check them out.

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BrainSyphoned36d ago

Lady Dimitrescu Farts Are Inevitably Atractive

Might need to put my contacts in.

Nacho_Z36d ago

I read the same, I was looking forward to it.

darthv7236d ago

I saw the exact same thing... where are our minds wandering to?

36d ago
annoyedgamer36d ago

Ive seen waayyyy better simpart than this. What is this guy smoking

SDuck36d ago

me: oh this first art is fire. I'm giving a follow to the artist on Twitter
twitter link: ever hear of pixiv?

Tankbusta4036d ago

To each their own...but I don't understand the obsession with her

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The story is too old to be commented.