Resident Evil Village tech review: Capcom transitions beautifully to next-gen

DF: "Resident Evil Village gets the full Digital Foundry Tech Review treatment! Check out our thoughts on the game, the RE Engine, the quality of the art and design plus image quality comparisons and performance tests for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles."

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RazzerRedux39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"Throughout the whole game, there's only one sequence that really causes problems - a specific lake area. The body of water here uses ray traced reflections, the scene itself is complex and there is a large enemy hunting you which can spawn lots of alpha particles. As a result, performance takes a significant hit and both drop into the 40s, with Series X pulling ahead by a small degree up against PS5. Again, disabling RT does fully resolve the issue."

Only in one section of the game is performance notable when in RT mode and both consoles take a hit with XSX performing slightly better.

Non-RT mode, the PS5 and XSX run exactly the same.

"So PS5 has faster loading and Xbox Series X has an edge in frame-rate when using ray tracing but, honestly, both versions are extremely close to one another. It's one of the closest calls we've seen and it feels like Capcom has done justice to the two new machines."

gamingtext202039d ago

So both versions are same? This is phenomenal news.

alextdarling39d ago

Not the same, theyre very similar with nothing significant for you to prioritize getting the title over a certain platform.

The alternative is you can watch the video yourself...?

343_Guilty_Spark39d ago

No they aren't the same. They are very close though.

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Stanjara39d ago

I love your comments so much, strait to the point! Thank you.

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ThePacemaker39d ago

Wow that’s phenomenal. Both versions are exactly the same? Good now I can die peacefully

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BehindTheRows39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

The ACTUAL comparison.

In short: 3-4 frame advantage, in one section, for the X. 7 Second load advantage for PS5! Visually identical!

Orchard39d ago

The problem with comparing load times is those gains disappear quickly because on PS5 we will have to load every time where as XSX will load once and then quick resume, so 0s loads.

Sony needs to add quick resume - but after expandable storage please.

Nitrowolf239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

How you gonna quick resume if you switching between modes and exiting menus to do that.

Like I get the initial load is “quicker” on series because of quick resume, but it still has loading when trying to do other stuff in game.

It’s all very fast still

SCW198239d ago

Wow did you hurt yourself with that stretch?

Orchard39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


1. There are no other real modes here. Just single player.

2. You can quick resume straight into gameplay, basically it picks up where you were - it doesn’t go through load screens, menus or boot up videos etc again

3. Capcom already stated that this game has no in-game loading on any platform, even last gen.

Granted, the gains differ depending on the game since some games may have in-game loads (although I’d hope that’s a thing of the past with the SSD’s) or may have other game modes etc

IRetrouk39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Doesn't it take around 5 seconds or so for quick resume to load in your game? Thats not really 0s loading is it?
There is a mercenary mode to play too, anytime you want to load a new save or go back to start screen to play that mode your gonna have that 8 second load, quick resume is good while in one mode, but as soon as you want to do something else, you have a load screen🤷‍♂️

Orchard39d ago

@IRetrouk Sort of. I'm guessing you're referring to the screen where it shows the game logo/splash for a few seconds before going black and onto where the intro videos etc would normally come, but for quick resume the game appears instead.

That is called game/title activation, which is basically the OS checking the packages integrity, validating your license for the game, etc before actually launching the executable. So not really load times for the game and is generally consistent across all games, but I bet to consumers it looks like 'the game is loading' so they would consider it load time.

But both Xbox and Playstation have title activation stages for a few seconds.

Typically DF etc. ignore that step when counting load times. If we are going to count that, then we have to also factor in the fact that on PS you'd still have to watch legal text, middleware logos etc, so the 'time to game' (which is really what people care about) is even worse...

IRetrouk39d ago

Regardless of the reason for the wait, you are still waiting for the game to appear on screen, its still around a 5 second wait, its not 0s lol
Also let's remember that some ps5 games skip those steps after the first load, you don't see the splash screens and logos etc again after that, not all admittedly, but its there in some, to be honest, you either wait 5 secs or so on xbox and go straight in, or wait around the same to load your file in on ps5, soon as you wanna do something else in game though, your getting hit with an 8 and a half second load compared to a 1 and a half second one🤷‍♂️ I'd say they probably will average out about the same over time👍

Orchard39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@IretroUK Agreed. That was sort of my point, comparing load times is weird because it will 'all come out in the wash' and is very situational.

If/when Sony does implement quick resume, the advantage is fully on the PS5's side. I'm still hoping they'll add that in at some point.

BehindTheRows39d ago

I mean, you can tell yourself what ever you want. The fact is the PS5 loads the game a good deal faster. No if/and-s/buts/could be-s/what if-s.

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BehindTheRows39d ago


No. Nothing disappears. The load times are the load times, no matter how many ways you try to spin it.

Orchard39d ago

No load times on a quick resume, so we will spend 'more' (seconds, barely matters) of our life loading on PS5 than XSX as we complete the game.

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Aussiesummer39d ago

Imagine what they could have done if they'd stuck to a next gen only version. Next gadget, next time.

Orchard39d ago

100%. Very excited to see what a fully next gen game can achieve with RE engine.


You just aged yourself with that "next time Gadget, next time " comment lol.

jeromeface38d ago

some aussies just love to cry

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