Switch Has Officially Outsold the Game Boy Advance

The Nintendo Switch is clearly a major success, but as of now, it has officially outsold the Game Boy Advance. Another huge milestone for the hybrid console.

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Orchard40d ago

Huge milestone for the console. Glad to see them doing well after the WiiU.

JEECE40d ago

And it's nice to see them doing it with sales from people buying it as a game console, rather than as a toy that happened to be a fad (like the Wii). While I know there were real Mario/Zelda fans who bought the Wii for those types of games, you can't get away from the fact that it sold to a ton of casuals because of Wii Sports.

Orchard40d ago

Great point. This is probably the most mature content catalog we've had on a Nintendo console, and the best coverage with regards to 3rd party games.

They are selling well despite selling to more 'hardcore' gamers than casuals.

JEECE40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


That's actually one of the most disappointing parts of the Bethesda deal that no one is talking about because everyone focused so much on the MS-Sony dynamic: Nintendo is now going to lose one of the best 3rd party supporters of the Switch, at least among Western studios.

Darkborn40d ago

The switch is definitely the little engine that could. I wonder where it'll end up at.

Jeriphro40d ago

It is a huge-selling console, for sure, but I think one major thing Nintendo isn't banking on this time around is the two-console run they used to do. Like the Wii and the DS both printing money was a massive success for Nintendo in the early 2000s, and while the 3DS ended up selling really well, it did suffer in the beginning and the Wii U was a flop.

The Switch is basically a double-console itself, so it is not making Nintendo nearly as much money as they used to with the home + portable console teamup. Despite that, the Switch is still doing excellently and gaining Nintendo a lot of positive attention (Outside the JoyCon drift that is. haha).

Shiken40d ago

Most of Nintendo's profits come from software sales. Switch is setting records on that front. A lot of Wii/DS users had both consoles, with different games for each. With the Switch unified on that front, they are still selling insane amounts of software...they are just all consolidated to one platform.

One look at Nintendo's financial report being higher than it has ever been for them should tell you that it isn't as cut and dry as "2 consoles vs 1" like you might think.

septemberindecember39d ago

Nintendo literally had their biggest year ever profit wise, so everything you said here is pretty much false. No offense.

Jeriphro39d ago

2020 is a difficult year to assess because of the pandemic. Yes, Nintendo had an incredible year, especially thanks to worldwide shutdowns and the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, manufacturing wise, Nintendo is not pumping out nearly as much hardware as they were in the early 2000s. Over the course of the Wii and DS's lives, Nintendo was making absolute bank. The Switch is doing amazing, don't get me wrong, but 2020's numbers are hard to compare because of the situation. We will have to wait and see how the Switch continues to do for the next 5 years.

For comparison, the Switch is still lagging behind both the Wii and DS, which were released almost simultaneously. Imagine a company selling that many consoles for two different systems at the same time. That's the difference I am talking about.

Gameseeker_Frampt40d ago

Gameboy Advance was only on the market for 3 years before its replacement was released. No other console or handheld has had that kind of lifetime sales success (81.5 million) in such a short amount of supported time.

Shiken40d ago

GBA was released in March 2001, and DS was released in November 2004. That is a total of 3 years and 8 months, closer to 4 years than three. The Switch did it in 4 years, so it really only took an extra 4 months when compared to the GBA.

Thank you for bringing that point up, it makes Switch sales even more impressive than they already were having it come so close to such a record.

Gameseeker_Frampt39d ago

Worldwide, Gameboy Advance was on the market for 3 years 5 months before the DS replaced it. The Switch is extremely successful, and I would still give it the edge over the GBA since it costs at least double, but you have to admit that the GBA is probably the most overlooked Nintendo handheld. If Nintendo kept it on the market for 6 years like they did with the DS, then we probably would have had another handheld selling at least 125 million units.

septemberindecember39d ago

@[email protected]

The GBA did not sell 81.5M in those three years and change. In March of 2005 the console was at 66M units. The next year, March of 2006, the console was at 75M. March of 2007 the console was at 79M units. It took the console 7 years to sell 81.5M.

Gameseeker_Frampt38d ago

You are correct, which is why I referenced lifetime sales vs. time supported by Nintendo. Everyone remembers the success of the DS, but even after the DS launched the Gameboy Advance still sold almost 20 million more units. Pretty impressive considering that the last new games Nintendo published for it were Mario Party and Mario Tennis: Power Tour in 2005.

Pk32339d ago

Will pass PS3 soon then the Wii & PS1 by November