Mass Effect Legendary Edition Preload Live on Xbox, Download Sizes Revealed

Gamers on Xbox will be happy to know that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition preload has become available to download in preparation for next week’s launch.

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Phoenix7644d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition (PS4)

🟦 Base Game : 67.987 GB (US) 87.366 GB (EU)
🟩 Update 1.01 : 11.7 GB (US) 13.3 (EU)
🟪 Download Size : ~ 80 GB (US) ~ 101 GB (EU)
Xbox - 84GB
🟫 Pre-Load : May 12
⬜ Launch : May 14

anast44d ago

Thank you. I've always hated these articles. They are low hanging fruit.

Bnet34344d ago

Why are EU file sizes bigger by 20 GB? Huge gap. Surely it can't be the audio files for the other languages? Or is it?

Phoenix7643d ago

Most likely languages. Don't forget, EU covers UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc, etc

Bnet34340d ago

I figured but that actually sucks for EU gamers honestly. 20 GB is a lot for something you won't be using.

iplay1up241d ago

120fps on Series X? Cool! Don't know if I will use it much, but will definitely check it out!

Interloper41d ago

I tried preloading it, it'll appear for a second, then vanish. Not sure if I'm missing something here or not...