Sony Sued for Limiting Purchases of Games to PSN

According to Bloomberg, Sony is sued by some gamers because by their opinion Sony is acting as monopoly for its own games.

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Sonic-and-Crash38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I wonder if these consumers are the Bloomberg itself lol they have launched an all out war against Playstation lately

imagine to get sued because you sell your products exclusively to your store lol ....are these gamers good in their mind?

lodossrage38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


Yeah I noticed that too. Bloomberg does seem to want to jump on Sony any chance they get lately.

But back on topic, I don't see this going anywhere. The lawsuit boils down to "we're mad Sony doesn't allow us to buy game codes for psn games outside of the psn network so we're suing".

Edit- they're also saying that games are being charged as much as 175% more compared to what they were when games were on stores outside of psn. I don't remember anything like that at all. But that's just me.

Sonic-and-Crash38d ago

i also dont remember any game to be sold more pricey in PSN contrary all PSn games had always far lower prices than the physical retail (if you include the plethora of price cuts and offers by Sony every month)

RosweeSon38d ago

Just get your credit elsewhere most good places offer a reasonable discount between 10-20% save the money that way instead.

darthv7238d ago

I thought you could by the digital codes from gamestop? I know Ive seen them sell digital xbox games. Even bestbuy had these cool little game cases with a collectable coin and the digital code.

So I know its possible to buy digital games outside of the respected online stores. Not all games, but big name ones at least.

TallDarknWavy37d ago

This may only be a problem once retail finally dies off.

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Teflon0238d ago

The epic Games effect lmao. A bunch of clowns really think epic were on to something. They're wasting their money. About to be an example lol

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Atom66638d ago

The climate is ripe for the Apple suit, though. The October report from the House has set the stage for an even bigger fight for Apple and Google in particular.

While it hasn't gotten a lot of attention, the Cydia suit is even more interesting imo. That's an App store that existed before Apple had their own that is alleging Apple has systematically gone about undermining their business after initially relying on 3rd party app stores.

Regardless, these issues aren't going away until there's some rulings made.

WelkinCole38d ago

I still don't understand that suit. I mean if I build a store it will be my store and my rules. You want to be on it be it sell or buy you need to play by my rules. You are free to disagree and go somewhere else. Its a free world

Atom66637d ago

The present suits aren't entirely different than the MS suit from the 90's. You're free to create your own store or OS and run it however you want, but it doesn't mean you might not be doing it legally.

Antitrust and anticompetitive allegations don't mean you have a complete monopoly.

For the Epic suit, the example their attorneys used this week isn't bad:

Think of Apple as a car dealer. In order to run, the cars they sell need fuel (i.e. apps). Fuel comes from other companies. Instead of letting you go to whatever Exxon station you want, Apple makes you come through their own gas station. You buy that same ExxonMobil gas, but Apple takes 30%. Try going to one of those other stations, and they shut you down.

It's not a strong suit, but Epic has read the room. They've exposed the ridiculous arbitrary profit margins on Apple's store, and given the DOJ even more to look at.

Sony suit is weaker. But like the Epic one, I'm not sure why gamers are pro-corporations on these. Maybe take Sony out of the equation (which is fair because these suits will be coming against others).

The bare-basic premise is that the digital store is so closed off that it allows for anticompetitive behavior and price inflation.

Isn't the #1 complaint in any digital-only doomsday article "they'll control the market and drive up prices!!!"

Plaintiffs are saying this has already started. They'll probably not be successful, but if it somehow results in digital pricing becoming more competitive, I'd think gamers would be ok with it?

Not every game is available on physical. Those that are see better discounts because of competition.

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Petebloodyonion38d ago

@darth72 you can't buy Sony digital code anymore only PSN voucher for PSN money.

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NeoGamer23238d ago

If Sony only sold its games digitally, I could see this may be having some merit. But since you can buy a physical disc instead of digital there is no merit.

TheEroica38d ago

Lol this is along the same line of madness we heard from gamers complaining about Nintendo choosing how, when and how long they choose to keep their products on the shelf...

Is there no end to the complaining from gamers?

thorstein37d ago

If this goes through I am suing Little Ceasers for not selling Pizza Hut pizza.

SyntheticForm37d ago

Sony should be sued for having piss poor authentication systems. Detroit's strip clubs are probably more sophisticated.

Twentieth day of getting error code 8210604a. Can't purchase anything through the console storefront, the app storefront, or their straight-up website.

Sony's always been a bit shoddy in these areas.

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RosweeSon38d ago

People are ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♂️😑 🤣

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Darkborn38d ago

This would get thrown out anyways because a few of their games are available on pc. You can't say none of their games are available elsewhere if it's false. On top of that like people have said, it's their games and their store. Plus mlb the show 21 just released on Xbox. Did we forget that already?

kneon38d ago

Also most games are available in physical form from a wide choice of retailers

--Onilink--38d ago

Thats not what the lawsuit is about, at all.

Its about codes for digital games no longer being available for purchase on Amazon, BestBuy, etc.

Its not about releasing exclusives in other game platforms.

Not saying there is any specific merit to the lawsuit, but almost every comment in the article so far seems to think its about exclusives

Darkborn38d ago

That still wouldn't hold water because it's a choice to limit product to their own store.

--Onilink--38d ago

Again, im not saying it has merit or not, just that basically everyone commenting on the article havent read anything and are assuming the lawsuit is about Sony releasing their games in other platforms.

And not about buying psn game codes on places like amazon, best buy, etc (which was possible before)

Petebloodyonion38d ago

It's not about Sony's games being available only on playstation,
it's about being Playstation store being the only place where you can buy digital PlayStation games
Thus forcing a digital-only consumer (PlayStation 5 digital edition) into having only 1 place to purchase a game
or removing the publisher power for negotiating fees (the famous 30%)
You can buy Steam games on Humble-Bundle, CD keys, etc.
You can buy Digital Xbox on several stores
Same with Switch code

SenorFartCushion38d ago

Oh well, they can afford it. They’ll probably win because they’re a huge, billion dollar company who doesn’t care about people.

Vengeance113838d ago

lmao and you think MS or Nintendo does?? Thats called every company ever... they are what is called a "business" with a goal to "make money" not to care about feelings.

Imalwaysright38d ago

Did he say that MS or Nintendo cared?

FanboysKiller37d ago

Well Spencer and his teammates are at least sociable unlike sony's figureheads.

knightedHollow38d ago


Are you serious? It's their product...

38d ago