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Mike Bowden3698d ago

I can't wait to watch the show! So much new stuff. I wonder if Konami will make its MGS announcement there?

mikeslemonade3698d ago

I don't care about this DLC or game. Only Hiphopgamer does.

GTA4 had a lot of problems, but the biggest reason why I don't care is the missions for GTA4 were mostly generic and if the main game has crappy missions then there is noway the DLC will be any different.

solidsnakus3698d ago

dont worry about it. this DLC isnt coming to your console so just stfu.

goflyakite3698d ago

Why is this in the PS3 section?

Anyways, I'm definitely gonna watch this. A lot of new things.

Mike Bowden3698d ago

Maybe PS3 owners are interested in seeing if they're missing out on anything.

chaosatom3698d ago

They are showing ps3 stuff too.


Man i cant wait till i see god of war 3.

Vahn163698d ago

Sounds excellent concept-wise; video should be great too.

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The story is too old to be commented.